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The scheme that won Congress Mizoram

Thursday 19 December '13

Mizoram’s New Land Use Policy is Congress’s key election plank that lead to its victory in polls.
Four-time CM Lal Thanhawla, top Cong leaders register win in Mizoram polls

Monday 9 December '13

Lal Thanhawla however won the seat again in 2003, when the MNF did not field any candidate there.
Mizoram set to enter India's archaeological map: Ministry

Saturday 7 December '13

The giant menhirs, have been the subject of speculation and awe in the state.
Militants want Rs 5 cr to free employee of telecom firm

Saturday 7 December '13

Officials of TNS met with officials in Mizoram and visited West Phaileng.
Huge cache of arms and ammunition seized in Mizoram

Tuesday 3 December '13

39 grenades, 14 assault rifles and a Light Machine Gun has been seized.
In party mouthpiece, church praise for Mizoram minister

Monday 2 December '13

A Mizoram minister had got a “testimonial letter” from his local church that details his work in and for the congregation.
Mizoram's first re-poll successful with almost 79% turn-out under strict vigil from officials, watchdog

Thursday 28 November '13

Re-poll after polling officer was found instructing voters to "press the third button".
At 81% with more to count, Mizoram chases 2008 mark

Tuesday 26 November '13

Mizoram kept up its tradition of high voting Monday.
From community halls to IFFI, Mizo film goes the distance

Monday 25 November '13

State that doesn’t have a single cinema hall sends first feature film to fest.
Colleague ‘rules out’ district HQs in two ministers’ homes

Monday 25 November '13

John Siamkunga, a secretary in the Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee, is widely regarded as Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla’s right-hand man.
Mizoram polls: Serchhip administration all out to enourage voters

Sunday 24 November '13

56 Ashas, 154 Anganwadi workers and 20 Gram Sevaks have visited all the district's households.
And ‘God said’ unto him: Thou too shalt contest

Friday 22 November '13

Renthlei has been drawing much curiosity and scepticism, and for good reason.
Main Mizo oppn comes together

Thursday 24 October '13

The two are currently working together in the opposition in the Aizawl Municipal Council.
Mizoram to buy private land for landslide victims

Wednesday 2 October '13

The victims were, under the central scheme, entitled only to compensation for damaged houses but not loss of landholdings and residential plots.
After 16 yrs, over 80 Bru families return to Mizoram from Tripura relief camps

Tuesday 1 October '13

Chorky, along with other Bru leaders and Mizoram officials welcomed the families at Kanhmun.
120 displaced families to return to Mizoram

Wednesday 18 September '13

The first phase will cover Brus named in the electoral rolls, while the second will include families who claim to have lived in Mizoram.
Getting Drunk in a Dry State

Sunday 8 September '13

The church looks the other way as a fledgling wine industry finds tipplers and profits in Mizoram
7,000 Myanmar-made meth tablets seized

Thursday 15 August '13

Almost 7,000 methamphetamine tablets belonging to a brand considered the best produced in Myanmar
Mizo govt-rebels talks end, no truce extension

Thursday 15 August '13

Talks between the Mizoram government and the Manipur-based rebel group, Hmar People’s Convention (Democratic), concluded
7 Mizoram Industries dept officials directors of firm with false govt tag

Saturday 3 August '13

Seven officials of Mizoram’s Industries Department are directors of Mizoram Direct-Marketing Ltd


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