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A positive step, but more needs to be done, says victim’s friend and survivor

Tuesday 16 April '13

As the survivors struggle to get on with their lives, Rishabh Agarwal, who had accompanied Rajeev Agarwal to the German Bakery on that fateful day, recounts his harrowing experience.
‘Do they realise what families of victims go through?

Tuesday 16 April '13

German Bakery: Radhika Agarwal recounts harrowing nights at the hospital, when families feared their loves ones could be the next to die.
Pneumonia, diarrhoea kill 20 lakh kids a year globally

Saturday 13 April '13

In 2011, diarrhoea killed 7 lakh children under five and pneumonia 13 lakh.
Pneumonia, diarrhoea kill 20 lakh kids a year globally

Saturday 13 April '13

Pneumonia and diarrhoea kill about two million children a year, more than a quarter — 28.5 per cent — of all child deaths, Lancet has estimated
‘Close to defeating polio... movement needs to be sustained’

Saturday 13 April '13

Global declaration calls for full funding of Polio Eradication and Endgame Strategic Plan 2013-2018.
Marathi book to help parents understand homosexual sons, daughters

Friday 12 April '13

Published by Samapathik Trust, Manachiye Gunti intends to assist parents in getting correct medical and legal information.
C-section choice more about hospital than patient: study

Thursday 11 April '13

High count of caesarian births has more to do with character of hospital than needs of patients.
FDA’s drive against chemists hit by shortage of inspectors

Wednesday 10 April '13

Out of the required 25 drug inspectors, Pune district has only 10; state has 120 out of 500 required to ensure pharmacists present in shops.
A Shot at Life

Wednesday 10 April '13

Suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Swarit Khandelwal is keeping his spirits high
State to launch Defeat Depression to sensitise the overworked lot

Tuesday 9 April '13

The aim is to spread awareness about how neglecting those warnings could lead to mental breakdown.
‘Charity’ of 49 private hospitals under scanner

Sunday 7 April '13

Four-member state health department team to conduct inspections.
City anchor: A strict no to use of calcuim carbide on mangoes

Friday 5 April '13

FDA has warned of strict action including prosecution if calcium carbide is found to be used by traders to ripen mangoes.
Advanced cancer treatment in city hospitals gives rise to platelet demand

Thursday 4 April '13

Most donors being students, blood banks conducting camps to ensure no shortfall when schools and colleges are shut in summer.
Senior citizen gets 1st dual liver & kidney transplant in city

Tuesday 2 April '13

Most people with NASH are not unaware that they have a liver problem.
Taller, heavier toddlers may not get diabetes in later life

Friday 29 March '13

If you are taller and heavier in your first two years, you are less likely to get diabetes, hypertension and such chronic diseases in later life, a Lancet study published Thursday has claimed.
City anchor: Hassled govt allocates Rs 1 crore to free city of stray dog menace

Thursday 28 March '13

People living in Baner-Pashan Link Road are also scared of stepping outside their homes.
Nip it in the bud: Doctors target young addicts with films

Wednesday 27 March '13

A troubled Class X student Shantanu - the main protagonist in the 45-minute film Walan — is caught in a Hamletian dilemma, and despite wise counselling from a few good friends, eventually gets addicte...
Two Surat docs held for sex test

Wednesday 27 March '13

Maharashtra, Gujarat officials bust racket in joint op
If India makes it, SE Asia will be polio-free

Wednesday 27 March '13

WHO regions are certified “polio-free” by their respective regional certification commissions, or RCCs, on the basis of evidence presented by national certification committees.
Treat swine flu like normal flu, Centre tells health authorities

Tuesday 26 March '13

With swine flu now endemic to Pune and surrounding areas, the Central government has recently issued instructions to health authorities to treat it at par with normal influenza.


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