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Irda may allow banks sell products from multiple insurers

Monday 24 June '13

The move to allow banks to sell products of many insurance companies follows the government’s concern over the country’s abysmal insurance penetration levels
Rate cuts top agenda at Chidambaram’s meet with PSB chiefs

Thursday 20 June '13

Finance minister P Chidambaram is set to meet public sector bank (PSB) chiefs on June 26 and take up issues including lending to infrastructure sector and the reasons why the lenders are not passing o...
Ponzi: RBI, Sebi to get more teeth

Friday 24 May '13

Sebi will get the power to attach immovable properties, search and seize assets and seek information from any entity...
With MAT in place, diluted land rules may not revive SEZs

Saturday 20 April '13

With MAT in place for SEZ developers and units and divided distribution tax for developers, the sole attraction of SEZs is the relative freedom from fractious regulatory surveillance and some not-so-b...
EU FTA: Cars may not see sharp cut in customs duty

Saturday 30 March '13

Instead the levy is likely to be around 50-60 per cent, which is half of the 100 per cent basic customs duty currently levied on all completely-built unit (CBU) car imports, senior government official...
CCI's ruling may help only 20% of car buyers

Tuesday 19 March '13

Anti-competitive practices by automakers allegedly led to charging of higher prices.
Some SUVs may escape excise duty hike

Friday 8 March '13

Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) may be spared the 3% excise duty hike announced in the Budget.
Sub-Rs 10 lakh SUVs may escape hike in excise duty

Friday 8 March '13

Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) under Rs 10 lakh may be spared the 3 per cent excise duty hike announced in the Union Budget.
AC 2 way cheaper than flying, AC 1 costliest

Wednesday 27 February '13

Average rail fares will continue to be cheaper than air fares after the rail budget.
NBFCs likely to get tax treatment parity with banks

Thursday 21 February '13

NBFCs are bank-like institutions with the exception that these do not offer savings accounts.
Drive well, stay safe & pay back loans to save on auto premium

Monday 7 January '13

If you have a bad credit history, reside in a place that is prone to accidents or thefts, or are simply a bad driver, you may soon have to fork out higher motor insurance premiums.
Satyam probe turns to role of banks in fraud

Thursday 15 January '09

The probe into Satyam scam has turned spotlight on banks as investigators verify company’s numerous accounts.
Nath: ‘No trading off commercial interests with livelihood security’

Thursday 31 July '08

Despite being nearly isolated in the G-7 - India, Brazil, China, the European Union, US, Japan and Australia - commerce...
WTO talks fail as India and China stand up to US to ‘protect’ farmers

Wednesday 30 July '08

The ministerial level talks here that attempted to clinch a global trade deal failed to achieve a breakthrough after nine long and tense days...
India says weakening of SSM can break WTO deal

Sunday 27 July '08

India, which has been fighting for protection of livelihood of its poor farmers at the World Trade Organization’s Doha Round talks...
India, Japan oppose Lamy’s effort to push for a trade deal

Saturday 26 July '08

A final hour bid by the World Trade Organization Director General Pascal Lamy to persuade the 30-odd ministers...
India will push for deal on services

Saturday 26 July '08

With the World Trade Organization postponing the talks on services without announcing a fresh date...
Llyod’s insures its passage to India

Monday 5 November '07

Lloyd’s of London will finally be able to do re-insurance business in India. The Government is expected to clear the passage for the largest re-insurance...
Matchmaking meet planned for food retail MNCs, local giants

Thursday 11 October '07

The global retail who’s who—including Carrefour, Auchan, EDEKA, Eroski, Superunie, El Corte Ingles and Coop...
Govt may use golden share to empower public banks

Monday 13 August '07

The government may have to consider the Golden Share option in public sector banks to give them the leeway to raise additional capital...


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