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DGP defines the road to peace, if Chhattisgarh govt takes it

Thursday 9 January '14

The tribals both buying and selling were reportedly clueless about the deal.
After Maoists, Chhattisgarh DGP seeks land reforms in Bastar

Monday 6 January '14

Ramniwas has also expressed concern at “illegal” acquisition of land belonging to tribals.
For Maoists, a year of setbacks, embarrassments, tactical errors

Wednesday 1 January '14

Bastar journalists unanimously boycotted Maoists.
This isn't bail, we are still living in jail, says Soni Sori, ‘exiled’ in Delhi

Thursday 26 December '13

Kodapi says the government has not done justice to tribals, we demand nothing but liberation.
Raman Singh versus his No. 2, snappier than ever

Thursday 26 December '13

Raman Singh’s top bureaucrats corrupt and demanded their removal.
Congress goes buying reporters in Chhattisgarh, offers ours Rs 25,000

Saturday 14 December '13

Indian Express reporter was among those offered the cash, two days before the results.
Helping script Raman Singh's win: Dalit priests, a chopper and 19 seats

Tuesday 10 December '13

The functioning of this priestly Sena was as intriguing as its birth.
In Chhattisgarh, the Raman effect

Monday 9 December '13

While his own partymen have called him arrogant, Singh has gained wide acceptability among masses.
The hand that hurt Congress exposed

Monday 9 December '13

The first was the lack of mutual trust among Congressmen and the absence of a coordinating leader who could lead from the front.
The Eye-opener: Raman Singh manages to retain power

Monday 9 December '13

Notwithstanding its third straight victory, BJP lost its biggest base of tribal Bastar.
Chhattisgarh polls verdict: An eye-opener for the Raman Singh government

Sunday 8 December '13

Raman Singh government has managed to retain power, the BJP's loss of Bastar to the Congress will pinch it for a while.
Beware of Cong’s ‘khooni panja’, says Modi

Sunday 8 December '13

Narendra Modi on Thursday urged the people to save Chhattisgarh from congress.
Bullett Raja in time off Chhattisgarh's hot seat

Sunday 8 December '13

On December 6 noon, the CM house hosted a cricket match after around three years.
Communal Violence Bill under attack, UPA amends it to include all religious groups

Friday 6 December '13

The BJP and other parties had opined that Bill would divide the country on communal lines.
Before the results, the worries within

Thursday 5 December '13

Chhattisgarh nominees fret over damage rebels did.
CRPF red-faced as Maoists loot Bulgarian grenade launcher

Sunday 1 December '13

They managed to take at least 10 grenades in an attack on a CRPF team in Bijapur district.
There is a story in Chhattisgarh vote numbers

Monday 25 November '13

The Chhattisgarh polls were also made possible by the joint efforts of security forces, booth-level officers, district collectors and the media.
Maoists whip up support abroad

Monday 25 November '13

New ground: At Hamburg meet, Communist groups hailed CPI (Maoist), pledged support for ‘role model’ outfit.
‘Terror chief’ is teacher who named his niece after ‘right path’

Friday 22 November '13

Chhattisgarh Police say SIMI man carried out Bodhgaya and Patna blasts.
Chhattisgarh polls: Crucial phase for Raman Singh as 72 seats vote today

Tuesday 19 November '13

Of the total 72 seats going to polls, the BJP and Congress won 35 each in 2008.


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