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Medical negligence: Doc told to pay up Rs 7 lakh

Thursday 9 January '14

Mulani had moved the Forum alleging that his son had died because of the medical negligence of Dr Pawar.
On eve of Kejriwal’s swearing-in, Anna was unsure about sending greetings

Monday 30 December '13

Until he went to sleep on Friday night, anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare was unsure about sending greetings to his one-time protege Arvind Kejriwal on his swearing-in day.
Anna writes to Kejriwal. Wishes him best luck

Saturday 28 December '13

Hazare expresses his inability to attend the ceremony due to his ill health after 9 day fast.
Rlys’ move to improve cleanliness and amenities on track

Saturday 28 December '13

It has also removed unauthorised vendors on each of the six platforms and put up more benches for passengers
No invite, Anna to skip Kejriwal’s swearing-in

Wednesday 25 December '13

The ceremony is scheduled to take place on December 26.
Anna not invited to Kejriwal's oath-taking ceremony

Tuesday 24 December '13

Hazare or his office has not received any invitation from Kejriwal or any other AAP leader: Awari.
For two years, Hazare failed to nominate any member to anti-corruption panels

Tuesday 24 December '13

There are 392 vacancies in the committees.
Court summons woman for giving false info in domestic violence case

Friday 20 December '13

A magistrate court has issued an ‘issue process’ against a woman who allegedly provided false information about her expenses in a domestic violence case with an alleged motive of getting a fatter alim...
Hazare breaks fast after LS passes Lokpal Bill

Thursday 19 December '13

Says will now work towards a watchdog for Lokpal & Lokayukta.
Need to keep vigil on implementation of Lokpal, says Anna after breaking fast

Wednesday 18 December '13

We will form watchdog comprising retired judges to see govt works properly, Anna said.
Lokapal Bill: Set to break fast, Anna thanks MPs for support

Wednesday 18 December '13

The expression of gratitude towards politicians came after he had maintained political parties were resisting the bill, Anna said
Joyous Anna Hazare thanks Rajya Sabha members for passing Lokpal Bill

Tuesday 17 December '13

As soon as the Bill will be passed in Lok Sabha, I will break my indefinite fast, Anna said.
Anna Hazare's health deteriorates as he refuses to end fast

Monday 16 December '13

Doctor advised Anna to take glucose water to recover from the weakness but he refused.
Anna asks who's AAP, Bedi says Kejriwal using Lokpal for gains

Monday 16 December '13

Hazare denied Kejriwal’s claim that he had been misled by “some people”
Anna asks who's AAP, Bedi says Kejriwal using Lokpal for gains

Sunday 15 December '13

Arvind Kejriwal had earlier said Anna Hazare is being 'misled'.
Anna backs Lokpal Bill, tells those unhappy to agitate without his help

Sunday 15 December '13

Anna was satisfied with 'new' and 'strengthened' Bill after it was amended by the Select Committee.
Anna 'satisfied' with Lokpal Bill, will break fast if passed

Sunday 15 December '13

He said though the Bill differs from the original Jan Lokpal Bill proposed by Team Anna in April 2011, he was satisfied with the 'new'.
As Anna Hazare fasts, cracks between his team and AAP take stage

Saturday 14 December '13

Gopal Rai objected to V K Singh's speech criticising the Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal.
Don't pin hopes BJP,Cong to pass Lokpal Bill: AAP to Anna

Thursday 12 December '13

AAP leader said after a stunning performance in Delhi, AAP will field candidates in other states.
Anna Hazare begins fast, issues ultimatum to govt: 'Either pass Janlokpal Bill or I will die'

Tuesday 10 December '13

Anna began his indefinite fast over Janlokpal Bill at Ralegan Siddhi today.


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