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Outlays for highways development stop short of maintenance, repair

Monday 31 October '11

However, M&R has become a matter of concern as the road network and density is going up while the amounts provided have not.
MoF to place checks on quick promotions in state-owned banks

Friday 28 October '11

Banks were given autonomy to promote managerial level talent on a fast track mode
To entice private players, govt may invest Rs 30K cr for e-ways

Wednesday 19 October '11

The government is likely to consider an investment of Rs 30,000 core to develop the first access-controlled expressways under the 12th Five Year Plan.
Rural Development ministry proposes to spend Rs 2 lakh crore on rural roads, skills training

Monday 17 October '11

Plan panel has indicated that it wants to focus on providing connectivity to rural habitats.
Shipping Ministry decides to tweak ports agreement

Friday 14 October '11

At a time when investors are looking for more stability in bidding documents, frequent changes to the MCA can act as irritants for private port developers, say experts.
Bids for 50 per cent of port projects await security nod

Wednesday 12 October '11

Having set a target to award 23 major port development projects through the public private partnership route in 2011-12
Expressway project costs shoot up to Rs 45-50 cr a km

Monday 10 October '11

Union road transport ministry is finding it difficult to adopt a viable economic model.
Shipping Min plans to revive sick PSU

Saturday 8 October '11

Indian Express. The idea is to bring in new technology and expertise by tying up with a private player operating in the segment.
PPP projects in irrigation may get govt support under VGF scheme

Friday 7 October '11

The idea is to create irrigation channels that divert water from major canals into the hinter farming areas.
Western states for changes in MSME loan process

Wednesday 5 October '11

Most of the demands relate to agriculture and MSME sector.
FinMin panels to review NBFC, ARC & chit fund functioning

Wednesday 5 October '11

The idea is not only to look at these but also incorporate changes that will make their functions more fool proof,” a senior finance ministry official told The Indian Express.
Developers say NHAI’s change in bid process anti-competitive

Tuesday 4 October '11

* Write to Competition Commission criticising amendments made to RFQ document.
SCI’s buying spree can lead to a debt trap: Shipping ministry

Tuesday 4 October '11

The shipping ministry has raised alarm bells over the financial health of its flagship public sector undertaking, Shipping Corporation of India
Another panel set up to fine-tune ports MCA

Thursday 22 September '11

The committee has been reconstituted almost a year after Chaturvedi submitted a report recommending changes to the MCA in response to some of the issues raised by Haldea.
New PPP policy rules out state MoUs with private sector

Tuesday 20 September '11

“The new policy says that states and the Centre must adhere to a competitive bidding process for awarding projects for development of natural resources that are meant to serve the public,” a finance m...
FM to review banks’ capacity to meet region-specific needs

Thursday 15 September '11

Pranab Mukherjee revives a practice he instituted 25-years ago.
Financiers call for review of ‘aggressive’ infra bids

Wednesday 14 September '11

* Doubts over contracts standing through the concession period.
MORTH urges Govt to delink environment and forest clearances

Monday 12 September '11

MORTH has suggested the government to de-link environment and forest clearances in a bid to fast track highways project.
MGNREGS to be demand-driven, focus on durability

Friday 9 September '11

The ministry of rural development is mulling over changes in the implementation guidelines of the country’s largest rural employment guarantee programme.
Plan panel divided over ports model concession agreement

Thursday 8 September '11

Gajendra Haldea objects to Chaturvedi panel recommendations.


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