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BCCI spends most time in courts, fighting administrative fires

Friday 3 January '14

I must admit I was very excited by the return of Zaheer Khan, writes Harsha Bhogle.
Haunted by their past, Proteas looked to be safe rather than sorry

Friday 27 December '13

On big stage, South Africa had collapsed in past and so maybe that fear was upfront.
Australia reverted to what they were good at - playing fearlessly

Friday 20 December '13

When key players start accepting the course of a match, teams start hurtling down.
Mitchell Johnson's fury has put fear in the hearts of England batsmen

Friday 13 December '13

Single-handedly he has changed course of the Ashes and I say that carefully, writes Harsha Bhogle.
Kambli made poor choices... but Vinod still has some goodwill left

Friday 6 December '13

Vinod Kambli wanted to live life kingsize, as cigarette ads used to say, writes Harsha Bhogle.
Picking gaps in South Africa squad

Friday 29 November '13

Ishant's selection, Gambhir's non-inclusion are two questionable decisions made by selectors.
Post-Tendulkar, the future looks as bright as it was at turn of century

Friday 22 November '13

I thought of it as I started writing this article in an atmosphere of post-Tendulkar gloom.
It is going to be a big, fat Indian wedding after all

Thursday 14 November '13

I'm amazed that for all intensity Sachin carried onto the field he never once lost it, writes Harsha.
Sachin Tendulkar's mastery in the late '90s gave others time to find their feet

Friday 8 November '13

It was also a phase before Dravid, Ganguly and Laxman established themselves as world class batsmen.
Can we leave Sachin Tendulkar alone to just play cricket, for two more games?

Friday 1 November '13

Tendulkar has been the pivotal figure in my years of watching cricket, writes Harsha Bhogle.
One-day rules need to be tweaked to challenge batsmen

Friday 25 October '13

We need to look at the bat vs ball equation all over again, writes Harsha Bhogle.
Raina needs to convince he’s the man India need at 10/2 in Perth

Friday 18 October '13

Batsmen must aspire to move up the order and with Yuvraj it was really, just a case of returning to where he had once been.
IPL means India vs Australia is more friendly fire: Harsha Bhogle

Saturday 12 October '13

Is the IPL almost preparing overseas players to beat the home country?
Cricket can go football's way, clubs will get stronger than country

Friday 4 October '13

T20 has begun to question and refine theories on how it should be played, says Harsha Bhogle.
Power of planning and assigning roles behind Sunrisers’ success

Friday 27 September '13

Sunrisers went with six bowlers and that meant if one of them had an off day they had enough back up.
If India wanted a home series for commercial reasons, it shouldn't come at cost of another

Friday 6 September '13

A farewell before the fans is not wrong. It is, in fact quite a nice thing to do.
To grow as a bowler, Parvez Rasool should leave Jammu & Kashmir

Friday 30 August '13

The ‘A’ games, even if in numbers, that Parvez Rasool can be invested in, writes Harsha Bhogle.
World cricket divided into haves and have-nots

Friday 23 August '13

Rahul Dravid's eloquent plea for Test cricket needs to be taken seriously, writes Harsha Bhogle.
Kevin Pietersen - Rebel with a cause

Friday 16 August '13

Pietersen has struck a balance between conformity and talent.
Virat Kohli ticks another box after captaincy audition in Zimbabwe

Friday 9 August '13

India’s series against Zimbabwe was, I’m afraid, a cry for help, writes Harsha Bhogle.


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