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Zimbabwe & Bangladesh’s failure, not that of Associates, is disappointing

Friday 28 September '12

A hundred countries may play cricket but it is still really only eight.
Afghanistan will benefit if they get to play the IPL

Friday 21 September '12

There are often very good reasons why schedules are the way they are and it is also true that those commenting on schedules have fewer variables to consider than those making them
West Indies favourites, but this is an open World T20

Friday 14 September '12

There was a time when the sub-continent was mystery, assigned darker and more exotic shades than even we were aware of.
When playing cricket is a celebration: Harsha Bhogle

Friday 7 September '12

Ostensibly Saturday’s match at Visakhapatnam will be between India and New Zealand.
How calm South Africans took cricket world by storm

Friday 31 August '12

This team is unlike earlier SA outfits that played the game with an almost self-consuming intensity
VVS’s badge of honour: Respect in dressing room & from opponents

Friday 24 August '12

It was always “chik”, that sound from VVS Laxman’s bat when it met ball; a gentle sound, barely audible, a pleasant meeting of two otherwise antagonistic elements.
India’s cupboard of bowlers is now officially bare

Friday 17 August '12

India’s recent team selections have been a lot like India’s recent budget speeches.
‘Your lecture was merely a starting point for an article on hostilities against India’

Wednesday 15 August '12

You write like you played! But what a colossal waste of time all this is.
Bolt’s feat a lesson for India’s young talent gone astray

Friday 10 August '12

Bolt and Yohan Blake force us to revisit the eternal debate between natural ability and hard work.
Spinners need to look to past to see future: Harsha Bhogle

Friday 3 August '12

In the way dynasties used to rule, countries seem to dominate sport in a somewhat peculiar way
Invincibility, invisible

Friday 27 July '12

Not since the Aussies has a No.1 truly made winning a habit, says Harsha Bhogle.
Suresh bhai and the magic of radio

Friday 20 July '12

He was lonely, ever since his wife and the strength of his life Meera, had passed away a few years ago.
Square pegs in all-round hole

Friday 13 July '12

Thanks to injury and poor form, a solution for India’s recurring No.7 problem has remained elusive
Blaming India is the lazy way out: Harsha Bhogle

Friday 29 June '12

Interesting thing about Tony Greig’s lecture was not that he took off on India but that it took so long coming.
With few new batting talent, world cricket cannot live in denial: Bhogle

Friday 22 June '12

For years we thought India’s batting will be fine, that one of the many young fellows routinely knocking runs in domestic cricket will become the next Dravid or Laxman
A long way to go but proposed change is a step in right direction: Bhogle

Friday 15 June '12

At last, some light at the end of what seemed an interminable tunnel
Closeted for long, cricket needs to open its doors to the rest of the world: Harsha Bhogle

Friday 8 June '12

I wonder if cricket is a bit incestuous sometimes, a little too suspicious, a little too insecure, of those that inhabit other worlds.
For longevity, IPL needs to stay on back pages

Friday 25 May '12

To think longer would be to become analytical which isn’t the objective.
Punish franchises too if they’ve violated IPL rules: Bhogle

Friday 18 May '12

Cricket needs to be careful of those that write film style dialogues and those that over-dramatise it.
The switch hit is all drama, nothing legal or fair about it: Bhogle

Friday 11 May '12

I am overjoyed that the ICC is going to review the switch hit.


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