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End of cycle for IPL’s own Barcelona-the Super Kings?

Friday 4 May '12

Jonathan Wilson’s very academic dissection, in the Guardian this week, of Barcelona and Pep Guardiola’s decline is worthy of much analysis
The off-spinner, an endangered species in IPL

Friday 27 April '12

It must worry Indian selectors, too, that only 3 of the top 10 wicket-takers and, just 4 of the top 10 run-getters are Indians.
Let’s pick Rahane, but leave out the ‘next big thing’ hype: Bhogle

Friday 20 April '12

Indicative of that are two shots he played in his last two games.
Test cricket cannot live off T20 and yet despise it: Bhogle

Friday 13 April '12

Clearly India has to play the role of the statesman in nurturing product quality but it is just as true in the corporate world that market leaders place great emphasis on profitability.
A level-playing field is necessary to retain IPL’s strongest assets: Bhogle

Friday 6 April '12

Eventually, though, the IPL will have to survive and blossom as a cricket tournament.
Interest in IPL & value of Indian cricket will be known shortly

Friday 30 March '12

The first week of April will give us an idea of what the fans think about the future of Indian cricket.
Landmark reached, we can go back to pure Sachin: Harsha Bhogle

Friday 23 March '12

Sachin’s ascent to the hundredth was probably like being on the last leg of a Himalayan conquest.
Damn that 100th, let’s enjoy Tendulkar while we can

Friday 16 March '12

This obsession with landmark hundredth hundred isn’t only affecting him, it is affecting us even more — We’ve lost objectivity
He’s a good man and batted like a good man

Saturday 10 March '12

Rahul Dravid stood for grit over beauty, team over self, humility over arrogance
Virat Kohli must also learn to deal with trappings of stardom: Bhogle

Friday 2 March '12

Virat Kohli's hundred in Hobart was spectacular but it wasn't his first sighting.
Decision on how long to play on must never belong to the player

Friday 24 February '12

With the future of four or five of the very best to be decided, India, more than ever, need selectors of substance
For India to excel in Tests, bowling will have to be a priority: Bhogle

Friday 17 February '12

Dhoni is far more comfortable manipulating his bowlers in ODI than in Tests, says Bhogle.
Stars and the sunset

Tuesday 31 January '12

For the next Test, India’s middle order would have a different look to it, says Harsha Bhogle.
Organisations that rely on grants become drones, not bees: Bhogle

Friday 27 January '12

When I suggested a 12-team format, many asked what would have happen to talented cricketers from, say, Kerala.
Time to give priority to win-loss statement and not profit-loss: Bhogle

Friday 20 January '12

Harsha Bhogle says, that two options present themselves before those who love Indian cricket.
Cricket should be a contest between two teams, not a media tussle

Friday 13 January '12

I read the article and I saw neither any proof nor any suggestion of the proof and it got me thinking.
It’s unpardonable for this generation of players to be unathletic

Friday 6 January '12

Sport does that to the greatest of champions
2011: A year that witnessed a lot but saw little change

Friday 30 December '11

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même and little really changed in cricket in 2011.
India hold high ground at start of the Test series: Bhogle

Friday 23 December '11

Meanwhile, Ishant Sharma worries about whether his ankle has been strapped well enough.
As Australia rebuild, Clarke stands where Border once did

Friday 16 December '11

Over twenty five years, Australia have only had five captains


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