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We will use MGNREGA for the textile sector

Thursday 18 July '13

The new textiles minister KS Rao is a busy man. With less than a year at hand, he wants to do his bit to resolve a host of long-standing issues plaguing the industry, one of the most employment-intens...
Budget 2013: The spirit is willing, but the fisc is weak

Friday 1 March '13

Despite an expenditure spurt, FM keeps fiscal deficit in check & cuts welfare schemes.
Rail Budget 2013: Bansal's tough task to put Railways back on track

Tuesday 26 February '13

Will it flag off a course correction for Indian Railways, the troubled monolith?
Effectiveness of interest rates limited when fiscal position stressed: YV Reddy

Tuesday 19 February '13

It is a challenging time for the Indian economy amid the near-consensus for embracing a “painful process” of fiscal consolidation.
Eagle eyes: Fostering competition, fair play

Monday 31 December '12

Perfect market is a concept that best serves as a hypothesis. Reality, to be sure, is far apart.
March to the past not the way forward

Monday 31 December '12

The policymakers in India talk almost in one voice about the urgent need to further and augment the economic liberalisation process, though their focus seems to be on giving more leeway for financial-...
Booster shot for economy to be announced on Monday

Sunday 24 June '12

PM says govt will take ‘effective’ measures; Pranab says RBI Governor will announce steps
Still hopeful of Mamata support: PM

Sunday 24 June '12

He also hinted at an imminent Cabinet reshuffle, implying that the country could soon have a new finance minister.
PM says rich nations giving ‘little support’ to developing nations

Saturday 23 June '12

Earlier, Quamrul Chowdhury, the lead negotiator for G-77+China, had criticised the Rio document as something “without any depth, without any bite
Rich nations break promise to set aside funds for SDGs

Friday 22 June '12

Developed countries have reneged on their promise to set aside a fixed amount — 0.7 per cent of their gross national product — to enable the rest of the world to achieve its sustainable development go...
Growth on G20 agenda, but after curing euro zone travails

Thursday 21 June '12

A Los Cabos Growth and Jobs Action Plan was also unveiled
PlanCom eyes GDP outlook downgrade

Wednesday 20 June '12

* 12th Five-Year Plan GDP growth estimate unrealistic: Official
India pledges $ 10 billion for crisis-hit eurozone

Wednesday 20 June '12

Eight other countries including Mexico too made new pledges.
Montek opposes ‘austerity for all’ policy at G20

Tuesday 19 June '12

On the eve of the seventh G20 summit of world leaders, India's policymakers joined a growing chorus against the focus on austerity at a time of crisis.
Eurozone crisis will dampen markets, impact India: PM

Sunday 17 June '12

Continuing problems there will further dampen global markets and adversely impact our own economic growth,” he said.
PM: Growth the core agenda, not eurozone

Sunday 17 June '12

A senior official said the G-20 hasn’t delivered enough after the Pittsburgh and London summits.
More prices need to be freed: Prime Minister

Saturday 5 November '11

Singh calls for decontrolling prices of 'most commodities' except 'semi-public goods'.
BRICS: Multilateral support only if bailout funds routed via IMF

Saturday 5 November '11

India and other emerging economies have seized the opportunity created by the unprecedented demand from the developed world for flexible IMF loans
Era of bank secrecy is over, PM tells G20

Saturday 5 November '11

India has pledged to join a new convention of G20 countries on mutual administrative assistance, which will reinforce the UPA government’s plans to increase vigil on tax evasion and curb the flow of i...
Transaction tax will raise cost of capital, warns PM

Friday 4 November '11

Gates’s proposal followed a bill introduced in the US Senate on Wednesday for a 0.03 per cent tax on stock, bond and derivative trades from 2013.


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