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Teenage egg donor's death: 'No negligence on part of fertility clinic'

Wednesday 8 January '14

It, however, deepens the mystery behind the circumstances that led to the egg donor's death.
HC denies divorce to woman who claimed she didn’t know of husband’s religion

Thursday 26 December '13

The woman had moved the court in 2011 stating that her marriage on January 13, 1999 as per Hindu rituals was null as her husband was a Christian.
Rejected US visa brings ‘divorced’ couple back in court

Thursday 26 December '13

HC offers relief for the couple who were under the impression that the ‘deed’ was valid proof of divorce
Woman says did not know husband's religion, seeks to nullify marriage, Bombay HC dismisses claim

Thursday 26 December '13

Her lawyer said that under the Hindu Marriage Act, the marriage can be performed only between two Hindus.
BMC can’t cut water, power supply before evicting residents of shaky buildings: HC

Wednesday 25 December '13

The court said the disconnection of water and power in advance “is totally unjust, unacceptable and shows (the) inhuman approach of the local bodies”.
HC to BMC: Bear maintenance cost of shaky heritage buildings

Wednesday 18 December '13

Those living in heritage structures should be given incentives to maintain the structures.
Shivaji Park residents question panel motive

Tuesday 17 December '13

Residents said the de-listed structures were in the A ward and included the entire Marine Drive precinct.
3 years after teen

Wednesday 11 December '13

On August 11, 2010, Pramila had filed a complaint against Sunil Chaumal, a scrap depot owner and Sushma’s employer.
3 years after teen egg donor's death, mother puts doc in dock

Wednesday 11 December '13

In three years, I have cried several nights thinking of my daughter., says Pramila.
Saddled with a glorious past

Wednesday 11 December '13

Residents of Shivaji Park are fiercely opposing Grade-I heritage status that would limit redevelopment or repairs of their buildings even as state’s top heritage panel cites their illustrious histor...
Rediscovery of a fort

Sunday 8 December '13

Except for two Sundays in the past 14 years, 28-year-old Shridatta Raut has spent all his weekly offs at the Vasai Fort.
Man's fourth wife alleges cheating, HC junks his anticipatory bail plea

Saturday 7 December '13

The 30-year-old complainant, who claimed to be his fourth wife, he said, had found him through a marriage bureau.
HC upholds life term for 24-yr-old man who killed sister

Saturday 30 November '13

Upholding the life sentence of a 24-year-old man who stabbed his sister and her husband a day after their marriage, the Bombay High Court has said he had committed the “cold-blooded and premeditated” ...
HC upholds life term for man who killed sister

Friday 29 November '13

Bombay High Court upholds the life sentence of a 24-year-old man who stabbed his sister and her husband a day after their marriage.
42-year-old marriage ends in divorce after man alleges cruelty

Wednesday 20 November '13

Husband alleged that his wife did not get along with his family and forced him to move out of his parents’ place.
Invoking Sena legacy, state panel says Shivaji Park is top heritage site

Tuesday 19 November '13

Sena, MNS against tag that blocks redevelopment
Lucky compound collapse: No bail for builders

Sunday 13 October '13

The accused contended that most charge levelled against them was of culpable homicide not amounting to murder.
Kitchen non-confidential

Sunday 6 October '13

Executive chef of Sassy Spoon gives away recipes; event proceeds go to charity
Ours Are The Streets

Sunday 6 October '13

A little over a month after a photojournalist was gangraped in Mumbai, five women talk of why they won’t give up travelling late at night in the city.
'Hostile' culture needs a cure

Wednesday 25 September '13

Witnesses and whistle-blowers turning hostile under various kinds of threats poses a big problem for the ends of justice and leads to an abysmally low rate of conviction, says Mayura Janwalkar


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