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Now, Bharti Airtel offers BlackBerry loyalty offer

Tuesday 7 January '14

BlackBerry is now offering heavy discounts on the smartphones.
Review BSNL Champion Trendy 531: Buy this phone if you need decent performance and a great battery

Tuesday 31 December '13

BSNL Champion Trendy 531 is decent, not impressive
Uttarakhand should be made SEZ: Narendra Modi in Dehradun

Sunday 15 December '13

Nearly 80,000 people turned up to hear the BJP PM candidate on Sunday.
Idea Aurus 4 is affordable at Rs 8,999, but is just another 3G smartphone

Friday 6 December '13

Idea is betting that the 3G Aurus 4 will change the impressions about the Aurus series.
Everything you need to know about Bitcoins

Thursday 5 December '13

Bitcoin is a digital currency you can use for personal transactions or business at high speed and low cost.
Exclusive review: BSNL Penta Smart PS501 is a good value for money smartphone

Friday 29 November '13

Priced at Rs 6,999, this phone could be a good option for those using BSNL service.
Winamp, and other forgotten media players

Monday 25 November '13

Winamp has come a long way since its early Nullsoft days, back before it was picked up by AOL.
iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C take India by storm as Samsung Galaxy S4 lags

Monday 25 November '13

Apple Inc.'s iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C pose tough challenge to market leader Samsung.
Apple Inc.'s iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S buyback lures with discounted prices, offer open on rivals too

Thursday 21 November '13

Apple Inc.'s iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S buyback offer not limited to just price.
Facebook Messenger gets desi with 'chumbak stickers'

Thursday 21 November '13

Finding yourself at a loss for words on Facebook?
After iPhone app, Facebook now revamps web chat too

Tuesday 19 November '13

Facebook has redesigned its web chat days after it did the same for its iPhone app.
Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch falls flat, logs sales of just 50,000 units

Tuesday 19 November '13

With Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch logging terrible sales, spotlight put on Apple Inc. 'iWatch'.
Facebook's iPhone Messenger revamped with phone number integration

Thursday 14 November '13

Facebook on iPhone now boasts new look, easy navigation to check out recent conversations, people on Messenger...
Done with iPhone 5, Apple Inc. may unveil new iPad, iMac Pro, OS X Mavericks tonight

Tuesday 22 October '13

While iPhone 5S, 5C did not damage rivals as much as they were hyped-up to, still they did hurt. Now, Apple expands war.
If Apple Inc iPhone 5S is unimpressive, launching soon is 'big' iPhone 6

Tuesday 8 October '13

Till now Apple Inc was unwilling to go the Samsung Galaxy way as seen in iPhone 5S, but with iPhone 6...
First, 'pricey' Apple Inc. iPhone 5C hits grey market in India, fancy 'covers' follow

Thursday 3 October '13

Apple Inc iPhone 5C 'experience' now for everyone flaunting company's smartphone.
iPhone 5S, 5C hit Indian 'grey' market with humongous Rs 64,000, Rs 49,000 price tag

Tuesday 24 September '13

Good news is that iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C are available; bad news is they are unaffordable for most.
AppLe Inc's iPhone 5S, 5C to hit India's 'grey market' very soon

Wednesday 18 September '13

iPhone is no longer only smartphone that will keep you delighted for your two-year contract.
Apple Inc iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C available free, with strings attached

Sunday 15 September '13

'We're thrilled to offer new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C to our customers.'
Hewlett-Packard unveils 'sleek and colourful' Chromebook14

Sunday 15 September '13

HP Chromebook14 offers powerful performance, new connectivity option


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Pawan KheraReally, Mr Mehta? Much that I enjoy your sophomoric enthusiasm, your assertions are hurried and inaccurate. The UPA didn't aim to silence people. The UPA heard what the people spoke. Pawan Khera Imagining a silence, missing the point, July 19 Comments
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