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Where new beginnings lead to dead ends

Friday 15 February '13

Delhi must first acknowledge that the hanging of Afzal Guru has touched off a pent up anger in Kashmir
Letter reaches, raises some questions

Tuesday 12 February '13

Misspells Afzal Guru’s name; human rights committee chief says would be ‘glad to help family’
Afzal hanging may fuel 'sense of alienation': Omar

Monday 11 February '13

Says death row inmates ‘leap-frogging over others’
Another Tihar hanging after 29 yrs, Valley faces uncertainty

Sunday 10 February '13

Afzal Guru’s hanging today comes at a crucial juncture of Kashmir’s history.
Vishwaroopam, an American story

Thursday 7 February '13

Kamal Haasan’s freedom to tell a story the way he wants must be respected. But there is a need to debate the responsibilities of the artist
In J&K, juvenile age is 16 yrs, but minors booked under PSA also

Sunday 3 February '13

Child rights activists have been unsuccessfully pressing for changes in the juvenile justice system.
When forces probed their own for rape

Friday 25 January '13

Verma panel wants criminal trial for armed forces men in rape cases.
‘CRPF men fired on people injured and crying for help. I pretended to be dead’

Tuesday 22 January '13

After 1990 firing killed 51 in Srinagar and police shut case in 1998 without filing a chargesheet.
Memories of a Kashmir Winter

Sunday 20 January '13

My first memory of winter is of an early morning when I woke up and looked out of the window to see the branches of a pear tree in my grandmother’s orchard surrendering to the weight of snow.
A murderous chasm

Friday 18 January '13

Last week’s deadly violence in Quetta signals an alarming new high in Pakistan’s Shia-Sunni conflict, now complicated further by global political developments
Need to check how Afghan pullout will impact Kashmir, says Mirwaiz Umer Farooq

Sunday 16 December '12

Heads to Islamabad to meet Pak leadership, says Kashmir now just an Indo-Pak bilateral issue
The Unquiet Professional

Saturday 15 December '12

With Zero Dark Thirty in the offing, here’s looking back at a first person account of the operation to kill Osama bin Laden
A law against liberty

Wednesday 12 December '12

The Lok Sabha has quietly amended the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, a dangerous tool in the hands of any government
How police case about ‘plot to attack Delhi’ fell in court

Thursday 25 October '12

‘Police failed to establish any link with militant outfit’: Court acquits 3 of terror charges
Lawyers attacked — on the streets, in police stations, inside courtrooms

Monday 8 October '12

When legal defence of a terror suspect is seen as a betrayal of the nation
Building bridges in air

Monday 8 October '12

When Rahul Gandhi visited Kashmir this time, he took with him a group of top industry leaders
When ISI became a ‘front for SIMI’

Monday 1 October '12

A maulana, his sons and associates find themselves in and out of jails
The posters that landed retired SIMI secy in jail

Friday 28 September '12

Posters on religious conference had Quranic verses, were found before SIMI was banned
Over a month, four ‘terror’ arrests in Indore for ‘shouting slogans’

Thursday 27 September '12

It’s just not Urdu writings or a magazine copy that can get you booked under the stringent Unlawful Activities Act
2 years, 5 cities, 6 cases – and ‘proof’ everywhere is the same magazine

Wednesday 26 September '12

April 2004 copies of Tehrik-e-Millat ‘recovered’ from two sisters in Khandwa with their names written by hand on them, is police ‘evidence’ against multiple suspects in 2 states


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