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Devyani wants freedom to return to US but MEA has other plans for plea deal

Thursday 9 January '14

Once that is done, the government may even move her out of the US after some time.
For 2 yrs, India knocked on Khaleda door but returned disappointed

Wednesday 8 January '14

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh hosted an exclusive lunch for Zia when she visited India a year later.
Bangladesh votes today, India decides to back Sheikh Hasina

Sunday 5 January '14

New Delhi fears that countries like the US may go to the extent of not recognising the Hasina govt.
Wary US delays first India visit of new Asst Secy of State

Friday 3 January '14

The meeting is expected to discuss at length shale gas exports, among other issues.
MHA readies Cabinet note to remove Ganguly from WBHRC

Tuesday 31 December '13

Vahanvati had favoured action against Ganguly.
In US, hint of a thaw: Indian diplomat Devyani may get pre-trial waiver

Sunday 22 December '13

US may forego Khobragade from appearing for another round of medical tests.
For stronger immunity, Delhi moves Devyani to UN mission in New York

Thursday 19 December '13

Secretary of State Kerry called NSA Menon and expressed regret and remorse over the episode.
A diplomatic row, a public spectacle

Thursday 19 December '13

India and the US must act fast to stanch the damage that the Khobragade matter is wreaking on ties.
To ensure diplomatic immunity, India shifts Khobragade to Permanent Mission in New York

Thursday 19 December '13

Complication is that she would have to apply for a fresh diplomatic card through the UN.
India ignores US, says talks with Pakistan only at army level

Monday 16 December '13

US asked India to reconsider its stand on including civilian diplomats in proposed Indo-Pak talks.
Fallout: Narendra Modi BJP's No.1 but others may begin talking back

Monday 9 December '13

4-0 scoreline —although Delhi verdict is still wide open —can help delay a wave of simmering protests.
Fallout: Modi clear No. 1 in BJP but others may begin talking back too

Sunday 8 December '13

Modi set the terms of engagement with the Government on the Communal Violence Bill.
UPA government gets BJP support for tabling Bangla Bill

Monday 2 December '13

Land Boundary Pact set to be introduced in Winter Session, unlikely to be taken up for ratification.
Nagaland asserts right to frame own energy rules, alarm in Delhi

Monday 25 November '13

The issue at hand is the interpretation of Article 371A of the Constitution relating to Nagaland.
Misuse of social media, minorities on DGPs’ agenda

Wednesday 20 November '13

Conference of police chiefs to start on Thursday.
Law enforcement in social media top agenda at police chiefs meet in Delhi

Wednesday 20 November '13

Each of these themes has a strong political especially in reaching out to the minorities.
Rule changed: PM picks Sachin over Dhyan Chand for Bharat Ratna

Sunday 17 November '13

Apart from Tendulkar, eminent scientist CNR Rao has also been conferred the Bharat Ratna.
MEA 'freezes' invites to Taiwan and Israel for oil conference

Thursday 14 November '13

Efforts are being made to put a lid on the controversy as New Delhi is worried about its fallout.
I am not above law, nothing to hide: PM

Friday 25 October '13

The Prime Minister said he had nothing to hide in connection with the coal blocks allocation case.
‘India doesn’t seek to contain China, expects the same’

Friday 25 October '13

Singh allayed concerns on India’s strategic partnership with the US.


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