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Scam after-effect: Survey of defence land in Pune Circle 87% complete

Sunday 5 January '14

The Defence Estates Office (DEO), Pune Circle alone has so far surveyed 87 per cent of the 80,000 acres of defence land within its limits.
Adarsh scam: Khadki vendor to move court to get his house back

Sunday 5 January '14

‘Why am I being called a benami owner when all my transactions are transparent?’ asks Vishal Kedari
CBI closure report has no bearing on our claim on 44% of plot: Army official

Saturday 28 December '13

‘If no illegal transaction, then it’s a bad administrative decision’
Trainee pilot’s death: DGCA records show IGRUA has history of human errors

Saturday 28 December '13

The last mishap involving a Trinidad TB 20 aircraft of IGRUA took place on December 29, 2008.
Sohail’s accident the ‘first’ involving DA-40 aircraft being used by IGRUA since 2008

Friday 27 December '13

THE Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has ordered an investigation into the Tuesday crash that led to the death of 19-year-old city-youngster Sohail Ansari.
On solo sortie, trainee pilot from city dies in Pachmarhi air crash

Thursday 26 December '13

Unaware of his death, father hopes his missing son will be a pilot and repay loan
'Friendly nation' supplied outdated satellite images during Kargil conflict: ex-Army chief

Wednesday 25 December '13

Gen Ved Prakash Malik made the revelations in his new book.
Boxes auctioned for $10 could be compilation of Osho’s work

Monday 23 December '13

Osho’s art, audio and videos may have travelled to the US and auctioned for $10 in December 2009, claims an attachment with the PIL.
Osho disciple files PIL in HC against ‘fund mismanagement’ in commune

Monday 23 December '13

Claims three members of management committee benefitted from sale of guru’s works.
City lawyer moves SC for proper system of voting rights for soldiers

Monday 16 December '13

City- based lawyer Neela Gokhale has filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court seeking directives for an effective mechanism for exercise of voting rights of armed forces personnel and their family m...
Police norms exist, strict implementation missing

Sunday 15 December '13

The beacons are manufactured by Lumax, Grand, Neolite, Cordec besides local brands.
'In the 1971 war, as Flying Officer I flew MiG-21 in 31 missions'

Thursday 12 December '13

The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) had already raided Halwara and Pathankot.
42 years on, book narrates thrilling tale of IAF pilots who escaped PoW camps

Wednesday 11 December '13

Grewal was happy that their story had now been compiled in the form of a book.
ECHS owes Rs 1.05 crore to city’s private hospitals

Sunday 8 December '13

While funds have been on the rise, the number of patients treated under ECHS have fluctuated between 1.03 lakh in 2008 and 1.21 lakh in 2011.
Organiser’s lapse: On wheelchairs, they led the race but took the wrong turn and lost

Friday 6 December '13

Two-time winner of Pune Marathon covered 10 km in 40 minutes yet lost to the slowest.
296 NDA cadets put their best foot forward

Sunday 1 December '13

Outgoing IAF chief N A K Browne, who returned to his alma mater as reviewing officer after 43 years, takes the salute from the cadets
Survey of defence land to end by Dec

Wednesday 27 November '13

MoD had directed DEO to conduct the survey in 2011, report likely by early next year.
NDRF to lead relief, rescue operations as cyclone Lehar set to hit Andhra Pradesh

Tuesday 26 November '13

cyclone Lehar is expected to hit Andhra at about 11 am at a speed of about 170- 180 km per hour.
Facilities for NDA’s 16th squadron likely by 2015

Friday 22 November '13

The total number of cadets in NDA are divided into sub-groups called squadrons that are named alphabetically.
ASI may field fencers in 2016 Olympics

Wednesday 20 November '13

The sport, ASI officials said, has not been represented for at Olympics by India so far.


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