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Families claim suspects innocent, ATS framed cases

Thursday 1 August '13

On December 25, the ATS arrested 31-year-old Munif Menon in connection with the blasts here in August.
BTech after effect: NDA includes old subjects in time table to cover up for losses

Thursday 1 August '13

In what may be perceived to be the last episode of formally closing the infamous BTech chapter, the National Defence Academy (NDA) is teaching old syllabus to the cadets of 127th and 128th courses in ...
Kargil struggles to get into school textbooks

Friday 26 July '13

It has been 14 years since Pakistani intruders were driven out of Tiger Hill and Captain Vikram Batra, Captain Manoj Pandey, Captain Sourabh Kalia besides numerous unsung heroes became irreplaceable n...
Horses are better off than people in this plot near Race Course

Wednesday 24 July '13

A colony created for horse groomers in 1945 has the ‘so- called- groomers’ living with unhygienic conditions, mud, mosquitoes and clogged water on walkways.
NDA cadets to move to desktops instead of customised laptops

Monday 22 July '13

In a significant change in its e-learning project, the National Defence Academy has floated a requirement of 100 desktop computers for cadets
RWITC member drags Army to court

Sunday 21 July '13

Both sides argue over jurisdiction of civil court in deciding the case
Chakan airport still grounded, private airstrip project at Saswad too stuck

Thursday 18 July '13

While Chakan airport has remained a non-starter, a private airstrip project at Saswad is also not seeing light of the day.
Cantonment court has 21000 cases pending

Wednesday 17 July '13

The Court of Judicial Magistrate, First Class, Pune, referred to as the Cantonment Court, has almost 21,000 cases pending since 1978.
Rtd IAF man’s firm force to reckon with

Saturday 13 July '13

Ravindra S Poman is CEO and director of Unique Delta Force Security (UDFS).
Two years on, laptops for NDA cadets still a distant dream

Thursday 4 July '13

'Thin client': No outcome to inquiry into procurement of the customised gadgets
From $8bn to $93mn

Thursday 4 July '13

ED revises amount in case against Hasan Ali Khan
Ex-servicemen need to be cautious when seeking info from DSW

Saturday 29 June '13

Ex-servicemEn in Maharashtra seeking ‘unnecessary information from the Department of Sainik Welfare (DSW)’ of the state government may be blacklisted, according to a unique resolution of the DSW that ...
In dark, village awaits crash victim’s body

Friday 28 June '13

In village Vadala-Vadali, 120 km from Aurangabad in Maharashtra, local residents gathered outside the house of National Disaster Response
On PCB terrain, bikers sans helmet pay through their nose

Tuesday 25 June '13

9 months since drive began, cops collected about Rs 66L from errant commuters
Reporter’s Notebook

Sunday 23 June '13

At defence services functions the host often reads a trail of decorations along with a list describing the bravery, generosity, glory and achievements of the generals, admirals and air marshals who pr...
Mahasainik City to shift office to private space

Saturday 22 June '13

The Indian Express on May 21 reported how DSW rented prime defence land to Mahasainik City, a pvt society at just 25p/sq ft since 2010
New airport plan floats only on words for a decade

Sunday 16 June '13

Praful said new airport would be complete in 2005; Pawar set 2015 date; Kadam placed land cost at Rs 34 cr in 2002
Polio in Maharashtra boy may be 'accidental finding'

Monday 10 June '13

May be due to under-immunisation; not primary cause of paralysis: doctors
Pressure on PM when J J Singh's name came up for Army chief: Chavan

Saturday 8 June '13

'PM is a Sikh too and there was tremendous pressure on him before announcing Gen Singh's name'.
‘PM was under pressure when J J Singh was to be appointed Army Chief’

Saturday 8 June '13

The PM is a Sikh too, there was tremendous pressure on Manmohan Singh before announcing Gen Singh’s name: CM.


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