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A contagion of littleness

Wednesday 7 August '13

The rot in our institutions stems from individual insecurities
Our banker and theirs

Friday 2 August '13

Debates over appointment of India's RBI governor and US Fed chairman are revealing
Found in transition

Monday 22 July '13

How the big picture is changing, in ten frames
While we were silent

Thursday 11 July '13

A story of destructive governance and citizens who did not speak out
The new Galapagos

Thursday 4 July '13

A preliminary catalogue of Delhi's unique biodiversity
Overtaken by Uttarakhand

Friday 28 June '13

Disaster exposes ways in which our social self-knowledge has not kept pace
A great deal of agreement

Thursday 20 June '13

Indian politics is beset by too much consensus, not too little
Privacy is not American

Thursday 13 June '13

Obama's defence of US surveillance implies that rules of civilisation don't apply abroad
Party fixing

Thursday 6 June '13

The clamour for accountability could render us blind to other important issues
Missing them, again

Friday 24 May '13

Low female workforce participation is an intricate challenge of our time
The third way out

Friday 17 May '13

Alarmism on the prospects of a third front will only constrain our options
Phantom democracy

Thursday 9 May '13

Court has exposed the governing principle: evil deeds are done but there is no doer
Without DU diligence

Thursday 2 May '13

The debate over reforms reflects the pathologies of our larger politics
Court at crossroads

Friday 26 April '13

Like other institutions, it shows a crisis of identity and leadership
Our secularisms

Thursday 18 April '13

New India needs a secularism embedded in institutional commitments
Revolutionary conservative

Wednesday 10 April '13

Thatcherism has reconfigured our imagination of the state
The contractor state

Tuesday 2 April '13

It is no accident that the auditor has become the new subaltern figure of resistance
The Caesarism of parties

Wednesday 27 March '13

They are contemptuous of the very institutions that give them authority
Special retreat

Tuesday 19 March '13

What Bihar needs is a targeted attack on specific bottlenecks, not another legal status
A region without norms

Tuesday 12 March '13

And India is neither feared nor loved in South Asia


The Big Debate
Pratap Bhanu MehtaYou, the UPA, destroyed roads, airlines, power, education, industry, employment… you rocked the financial boat, you came for freedom, you legitimised being corrupt. But we did not speak out. Remember, we do have the vote. Pratap Bhanu Mehta While we were silent, July 11 Comments
The Big Debate
Pawan KheraReally, Mr Mehta? Much that I enjoy your sophomoric enthusiasm, your assertions are hurried and inaccurate. The UPA didn't aim to silence people. The UPA heard what the people spoke. Pawan Khera Imagining a silence, missing the point, July 19 Comments
The Big Debate
Shekhar GuptaNever in India's history has the economic discourse been so one-sided. Povertarianism, has become a part of our holy national consensus. Shekhar Gupta National Interest: The deformists, July 20 Comments
The Big Debate
Shashi TharoorI respect Pratap Bhanu Mehta and Shekhar Gupta, but find their diatribes sweepingly denunciatory. They have failed to notice today's India boasts a thriving, entrepreneurial and globalised economy. Shashi Tharoor Note to UPA-bashers, July 23 Comments
The Big Debate
Shashi TharoorPawan Khera and Shashi Tharoor's defence of the UPA, as rejoinders to articles by Pratap Bhanu Mehta and Shekhar Gupta, displays how political sycophancy can distort perception. They are written to ensure their status in the party. Madhu Trehan A people in despair, a government in wonderland Comments
The Big Debate