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I wonder if I will be able to ever reunite with my husband, my kids. I miss them: Devyani

Sunday 12 January '14

Controversy and its fallout were, Devyani said, more a personal than a professional loss for her.
Thousands spoil durbar debut

Sunday 12 January '14

Chaos after 20,000 show up against expected 500 at Kejriwal’s first janta durbar
Don't refuse free ambulances to sexual assault victims, pregnant women: Govt

Wednesday 8 January '14

The order has been sent to all zonal ambulance officers and senior officials in the directorate of health services.
They have new home — DL1 PA 791

Wednesday 8 January '14

The shelter Board is converting abandoned buses to night shelters across the capital.
Minister dismantles hospital panels, AAP volunteers walk in

Tuesday 7 January '14

Health Minister Satyendra Jain has issued orders to dismantle the existing hospital management societies — Rogi Kalyan Samitis — under the NRHM.
AIIMS to open first pharmacy to provide generic drugs free of cost

Monday 6 January '14

Out-patients and patients in general wards can avail of free medicines.
Wet and exhausted, uprooted victims wait for a place to go

Wednesday 1 January '14

District administration informed 300 families living out in open to pack up and leave.
From unpaid Kingfisher staff to home guards, all troop to CM

Tuesday 31 December '13

Down with cold and fever, Kejriwal couldn’t meet people on Monday
Muzaffarnagar Riots: 'I want to become an IPS officer so that I can stop people fighting'

Sunday 29 December '13

The good marks only made the teenager miss school more.
Move to plots you bought, UP begins clearing riot camps

Saturday 28 December '13

Many others are yet to start building houses on plots they bought barely two weeks back.
Readying for re-poll, AAP women MLAs say they'll win

Tuesday 17 December '13

When Arvind Kejriwal chose to start a political party, they joined him.
Protests rock Jantar Mantar, rattle Asaram supporters camping there

Tuesday 17 December '13

Protesting in silence for several months, Asaram’s supporters spoke out on Monday when other protesters raised his case.
Muzaffarnagar relief camp: 'We watch our children make it from one night to the next'

Monday 16 December '13

The daily supply of 300 grams milk stopped over a week ago, so the tea is always black.
'Outside were the protests. Inside we were fighting to save her'

Sunday 15 December '13

Bruised, bleeding and drifting in and out of consciousness, she only had a single piece of cloth wrapped around her shivering frame against the winter night.
First distress sale in Muzaffarnagar: Jat neighbours buy victim family's home

Friday 13 December '13

There are about 700 named and 800 unnamed FIRs registered against members of Jat community.
Muzaffarnagar riots: Politicians missing, officials in denial over relief camp deaths

Thursday 12 December '13

Report by Shamli district administration claims ‘zero’ child deaths while angry parents mourn.
Muzaffarnagar violence: Homeless riot victims buy plots next to relief camps

Tuesday 10 December '13

They are among the 1,500-odd riot victims who entered into such deals with the government.
Chanakya, the exit poll that got it right

Monday 9 December '13

The political research organisation also predicted BJP’s sweeping victory in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.
Who is Kejriwal? Sheila asked on poll day, got the answer on counting day

Monday 9 December '13

While visuals of a victorious Arvind flashed across channels, Dikshit shut herself inside her house.
She keeps TV off, frets over cane chairs and regrets that 'granddaughters busier'

Sunday 8 December '13

Dikshit has also been trying to catch up on sleep, another casualty in the election season.


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