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Crime against women: Panchkula witnesses 50% increase from last yr

Monday 9 December '13

A disturbing upward trend has been recorded in Panchkula involving crimes against women, a police statistic report has revealed.
Bangalore waiting to happen? Only 54% Tricity ATMs guarded

Tuesday 3 December '13

Bank officials claim it is the responsibility of their corporate offices; Some bankers feel guards alone do not solve the problem.
2,228 and counting: Dogbite cases on the rise as canines rule Panchkula streets

Monday 25 November '13

Between January and October this year, Panchkula has recorded an alarming number of dogbite cases with as many as 2,228 cases being recorded at General Hospital, Sector 6.
For Dussehra, organisers pray to rain god

Saturday 12 October '13

While the Met department has ruled out the possibility of downpour on Sunday, Ramlila organisers are playing safe to celebrate chaos-free Dussehra this year.
Coin counting keeps workers busy, Rs 90,850 collected in five days

Thursday 10 October '13

Rs 90,850 was collected at the Mansa Devi shrine through coins offered on the fifth day of Navratra.
No takers for railway car shipping service

Saturday 5 October '13

City railway station hasn’t shipped a car in more than 10 yrs.
Flagging off trains more than once is new trend among MPs, MLAs

Friday 4 October '13

With newly launched trains being flagged off more than once, inaugurating the locomotive’s maiden journey is fast turning into a political exercise for MPs and MLAs.
Declared protected site in 2007, 150-yr-old Nahan Kothi caught in bureaucratic tangle

Thursday 3 October '13

With the spikes nailed to its walls supporting calendars of the Haryana Government, the dilapidated building of Nahan Kothi has a bleak chance of living the status of a protected monument conferred up...
From December, you may get weather updates through SMS

Thursday 26 September '13

local Meteorological Centre plans to introduce a free-of-cost SMS service starting with Chandigarh as their trial sample
Health chief, hospital to pay Rs 2 lakh for medical negligence

Wednesday 11 September '13

Dead foetus went unnoticed by doctors; patient developed complications
Transgenders come into their own with Aadhaar

Saturday 7 September '13

Transgenders of the city have been given recognition as more than 'others', quite literally. With Aadhaar, the minority group members finally have proof marking their identity as a transgender
Sec 17 hotel flouts law, employs women bartenders for party

Wednesday 4 September '13

Owner first confirmed, later denied claim
Consumer forum directs PGIMER to pay penalty of Rs 10 lakh for medical negligence

Saturday 31 August '13

The Postgraduate Institute for Medical Research (PGIMER) and its Head of Department for Plastic Surgery, Dr RK Sharma have been imposed a penalty of Rs 10 lakh by the State Consumer Disputes Redressal...
Consumer forum directs PGIMER to pay penalty of Rs 10 lakh for medical negligence

Saturday 31 August '13

The institute and its plastic surgery department were held liable to pay the amount jointly or severally with Rs 30,000 as legal costs
Came to teach, but going back with many lessons learnt

Friday 30 August '13

Though their focus was to promote use of interactive learning methods in school, they also tried to foster English language
PGI’s first heart transplant patient healthy

Thursday 29 August '13

Discharged on Saturday in a hush-hush manner after surgery held 20 days ago
From Baddi village to Kanyakumari, on a tractor

Sunday 25 August '13

Holder of three Limca records made on tractor, Jaibir Singh Virk will now take his favourite vehicle all the way to Kanyakumari from Baddi with a message to promote peace and harmony in the country.
Asked for Diet Pepsi, served Diet Coke, penalised Rs 15,000

Sunday 25 August '13

He had asked for a Diet Pepsi and was served a Diet Coke instead. Feeling ‘cheated’, the customer moved the Consumer Forum accusing the restaurant of ‘unfair trade practice’.
Forum asks Dynamic Motors to compensate car owner

Friday 23 August '13

The District Consumer Redressal Forum ordered Dynamic Motors of Industrial Area, Chandigarh to pay Rs 2,00,000 as compensation and Rs 20,000 as fine for litigation cost for selling a 2009 model of Che...


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