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Sheila meets Shinde, says probe lapses by senior police officers on night of crime

Monday 24 December '12

Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Sunday asked Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde to probe lapses on part of senior police officers in charge of security on the night a 23-year-old woman was gangraped in...
Jairam says land policy in 6 months, march off

Friday 12 October '12

Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh on Thursday met Jan Satyagraha activists in Agra and signed an agreement committing that the government will draft a national land reforms policy within ...
Confident... MCD polls not a referendum on my govt: Sheila

Wednesday 11 April '12

Acknowledging there were pulls and pressure during distribution of party tickets, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Tuesday said she was confident of Congress prospects in the municipal polls but insis...
North by Northwest: A changing landscape

Sunday 4 March '12

From Rural Narela to Walled City and Urban Karol Bagh, North Delhi Municipal Corporation has a complex landscape and is home to myriad issues and challenges.
Skipping FOBs, city jaywalks

Thursday 23 February '12

Now, an internal government survey has confirmed that pedestrians in the city would rather dart across the road than take a foot overbridge.
Blame game on, Oppn for probe

Saturday 4 February '12

A day after Newsline broke the story on government findings that its amnesty to illegal colonies was ridden with fraud, its departments have begun a blame game.
Need to look at amnesty beneficiaries: Govt report

Saturday 4 February '12

An internal report, which found huge irregularities in Delhi government’s amnesty to 1,239 illegal colonies nearly four years ago, has stressed on a thorough rescrutiny of the eligibility of all the b...
'Fraud in amnesty for illegal colonies'

Friday 3 February '12

A Delhi government report has found that officials broke all norms while offering amnesty to illegal colonies nearly four years ago and has called for a criminal probe to prosecute violators.
Minister to Delhi Metro: Men in women coaches a problem

Wednesday 1 February '12

Women and Child Development Minster Kiran Walia has asked the Delhi Metro to increase security for women commuters following complaints of harassment despite a coach being reserved for women.
Lokayukta seeks ‘position of primacy’ at events, govt says ‘no’

Thursday 19 January '12

Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit’s government has expressed its inability to address Lokayukta Manmohan Sarin’s complaint that he is not given the importance he deserves at state functions.
Minister upset after photo mix-up on ads, Sheila says sorry

Friday 6 January '12

An ongoing function meant to celebrate the Sanskrit language is creating unexpected turmoil in the Delhi Cabinet.
Monorail, pod cars to change how Delhi travels

Friday 30 December '11

Increase in the number of buses and the Delhi Metro network might not prove enough to meet the growing need of public transport in the city.
Will get CAG to audit discom accounts: Govt

Thursday 29 December '11

As the government is infusing Rs 500 crore into BSES, the Cabinet felt it necessary to carry out the audit.
Our decision-making process is fast... want to bring Maglev to Delhi

Sunday 25 December '11

My expectation is to be perfect. When I go to stations, very often I become uncomfortable when I see certain areas that are not cleaned properly.
Involve DMRC in Delhi’s future transport plan: Sreedharan

Saturday 24 December '11

Outgoing Metro chief says existing bus network does not complement city rail.
CCTV shots to check drinking outside city liquor vends

Wednesday 21 December '11

The Excise officials are taking the message of ‘drink responsibly’ to the next level.
At least 74 illegal colonies didn’t deserve amnesty: Probe

Tuesday 20 December '11

Urban Development sent notices to 125 colonies that got regularisation certificates ahead of 2008 elections.
L-G rejects Mayor’s foreign trip: Details on Net, why travel

Wednesday 14 December '11

Lieutenant-Governor Tejendra Khanna has shot down an overseas study trip of top Municipal Corporation of Delhi functionaries led by Mayor Rajni Abbi, saying the knowledge they propose to gain can be p...
MCD roads bad, we’ll take over: Govt

Tuesday 6 December '11

Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit’s government is ready with a Cabinet proposal to take over hundreds of roads from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, citing the agency’s failure to maintain them properl...
DDA sat on Master Plan to free land, stalled upgrade

Friday 11 November '11

More than four years ago, the Capital’s biggest land-owning agency, the Delhi Development Authority, enforced a policy document called the Master Plan Delhi 2021 to rapidly upgrade the city’s infrastr...


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