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Because she breaks the mould

Monday 2 December '13

Women are facing the blowback from an ongoing process of social change.
They don’t talk to her

Wednesday 25 September '13

Political leaders must address women’s aspirations in their election agendas.
The bare branches crisis

Tuesday 16 April '13

But Haryana imports brides and Punjab does not
Our corruption and theirs

Wednesday 6 February '13

Talking about corruption in terms of group identities, as Ashis Nandy does, is a lazy way of reading India’s new reality
A world of hostility

Saturday 22 December '12

We need to make public spaces less threatening and unfriendly for women
Good at heart

Saturday 23 June '12

Aamir Khan’s show could do with better research. But the social transformation agenda at its core is creditable
The message is change

Wednesday 14 March '12

Akhilesh, young and educated, reflects OBC aspirations in rural heartland
No country for old men’s values

Saturday 12 November '11

Yes, sex ratios are coming back to normal, and the middle class is responsible
The girl child’s future

Saturday 5 November '11

Data predicts a turnaround in middle-class India’s attitude to girls
Making of a tragedy

Friday 14 October '11

What should be blamed for student suicides?
The index of inequality

Monday 4 April '11

Do the preliminary census findings confirm that India is united by discrimination against girl-children?
Hoping for girls in 2011

Thursday 10 February '11

The new census might well show the middle class is now willing to welcome girl children.
Noose family ties

Friday 23 July '10

Why the khaps’ cultural defence argument falls flat ...
Hostile to love

Thursday 8 July '10

Our epics and films celebrate love, so why this spate of ‘honour killings’?...
No accounting for caste

Wednesday 2 June '10

Enumerating caste is a messy and futile affair, and it can be wielded for the wrong ends...
The loss of inheritance

Saturday 23 January '10

Should we not think more before we usher in new clauses to the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961, which will most likely be impossible to implement?
Beyond the fields

Monday 9 February '09

While passing through the idyllic rural countryside of Rajasthan, gloriously covered in the winter sunshine with the green and gold of mustard fields...
Our disappearing daughters cost us

Saturday 22 December '07

The news that doctors in Punjab are importing ‘at-home’ sex determination kits can only spell further doom for the girl child.
Shaking off the Cross of Honour

Sunday 3 December '06

The inspiring story of a simple peasant woman whose crusade has exposed the horror of the ‘honour code’
For OBC students, information works

Friday 27 October '06

A case study of two students from poor families who achieved the ‘impossible’ without quotas.


The Big Debate
Pratap Bhanu MehtaYou, the UPA, destroyed roads, airlines, power, education, industry, employment… you rocked the financial boat, you came for freedom, you legitimised being corrupt. But we did not speak out. Remember, we do have the vote. Pratap Bhanu Mehta While we were silent, July 11 Comments
The Big Debate
Pawan KheraReally, Mr Mehta? Much that I enjoy your sophomoric enthusiasm, your assertions are hurried and inaccurate. The UPA didn't aim to silence people. The UPA heard what the people spoke. Pawan Khera Imagining a silence, missing the point, July 19 Comments
The Big Debate
Shekhar GuptaNever in India's history has the economic discourse been so one-sided. Povertarianism, has become a part of our holy national consensus. Shekhar Gupta National Interest: The deformists, July 20 Comments
The Big Debate
Shashi TharoorI respect Pratap Bhanu Mehta and Shekhar Gupta, but find their diatribes sweepingly denunciatory. They have failed to notice today's India boasts a thriving, entrepreneurial and globalised economy. Shashi Tharoor Note to UPA-bashers, July 23 Comments
The Big Debate
Shashi TharoorPawan Khera and Shashi Tharoor's defence of the UPA, as rejoinders to articles by Pratap Bhanu Mehta and Shekhar Gupta, displays how political sycophancy can distort perception. They are written to ensure their status in the party. Madhu Trehan A people in despair, a government in wonderland Comments
The Big Debate