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BJP, RSS to firm up LS polls plan

Thursday 9 January '14

The broad strategy of mass-based organisations with an eye of elections will be finalised.
Jayanthi Natarajan line reversed, Moily and Pawar will ask SC to allow GM trials

Friday 3 January '14

Natarajan had rejected affidavit by stakeholder ministries and Prime Minister’s Office.
Assembly Elections: 3 states done, BJP focuses on next 3

Wednesday 1 January '14

Buoyed by victories in 3 states it looks at 156 LS seats of UP, Maharashtra, Karnataka.
APMC changes stuck since 2003, Rahul plan to cut prices stares at hurdles

Monday 30 December '13

The archaic APMC provisions virtually restrict agricultural trade to within the confines of state-regulated mandis.
Modi talks development, gives Ranchi example of Chhattisgarh

Monday 30 December '13

It was Vajpayee who understood the aspirations and dreams of the people of Jharkhand, Modi said.
BJP central leadership likely to clear BSY's return soon

Sunday 29 December '13

The central leadership of the BJP appears all set to green flag former CM BS Yeddyurappa’s re-entry to the party.
Decision on BSY’s return to BJP may stretch further

Thursday 26 December '13

Call may not be taken at executive meeting.
Behind Jayanthi's exit: scraps with Moily, her rejection of 'consensus' GM report

Tuesday 24 December '13

Natarajan decided to disassociate herself, making it difficult for the government to go ahead.
AAP on mind, BJP may re-draw poll strategy in Haryana

Tuesday 24 December '13

some in Haryana BJP are taking the AAP’s poll success in Delhi as a warning.
Kishanganga: Court lets India build, operate as it wants

Sunday 22 December '13

This will amount to a loss of no more than 6 per cent annually in power generation from the Kishanganga project.
Twice bitten, Lalu looks to offer Congress more seats than LJP

Saturday 21 December '13

In 2009, Congress had walked out of the alliance with RJD and LJP after it was offered only three seats.
Gay sex verdict: Rajnath Singh backs SC, says BJP cannot justify unnatural acts

Sunday 15 December '13

BJP would have to stand by Rajnath as party president's view is the party's position.
Congress 0, AAP 2, BJP 5 in Lok Sabha from Delhi

Sunday 15 December '13

That’s the tally if Assembly results are projected; Sibal, Maken set to lose.
Cong 0, AAP 2, BJP 5 in Lok Sabha from Delhi

Saturday 14 December '13

Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party has polled the most votes in the Assembly segments.
Govt in the dock over 'AP', 'FAM' in middlemen's 'budget sheet'

Thursday 12 December '13

Bribes worth 51 million euros were paid by Anglo-Italian company to bag the contract.
AAP makes BJP reflect: Credibility counts

Wednesday 11 December '13

The importance of image and credibility is a lesson the BJP has acknowledged.
Fallout: Narendra Modi BJP's No.1 but others may begin talking back

Monday 9 December '13

4-0 scoreline —although Delhi verdict is still wide open —can help delay a wave of simmering protests.
Rajnath now sets eyes on LS polls

Friday 6 December '13

The run has been planned for December 15, the death anniversary of Sardar Patel.
Exit polls, surveys predict BJP's win in Assembly elections

Thursday 5 December '13

4-0 verdict against Cong will cast shadow on Parliament and increase Modi momentum.
At Bali WTO meet, India stands alone in defence of domestic food subsidy

Wednesday 4 December '13

China and Indonesia asked India to show flexibility to push stalled global trade talks.


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