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Inanimate, this quirk sparks your imagination

Wednesday 1 January '14

Peering from a balcony at Mohammedbhoy Mansion, this male torso dummy has acted as a landmark for many.
India’s largest morgue opens in Goa today

Thursday 19 December '13

The building will also be the first to incorporate recommendations of the Justice Verma Committee.
Goa court sets aside order on separate cell for Tejpal

Saturday 14 December '13

The request could not be entertained because the jail was overcrowded.
Goa Police will contact De Niro in Tehelka probe

Friday 13 December '13

De Niro’s statement, could help establish key aspects and supplement the CCTV footage assessment report.
Tehelka case: Goa Police decides to contact Hollywood actor Robert De Niro

Thursday 12 December '13

Police to corroborate multiple statements given by the complainant.
Tehelka journalist 'recorded' calls from Tarun Tejpal, Shoma Chaudhury

Thursday 12 December '13

Tarun Tejpal has been accused of raping his junior colleague during an event in Goa.
Tehelka rape charge: Tarun Tejpal sent to 12-day judicial custody

Wednesday 11 December '13

Goa court also ordered to lodge him in a separate cell in prison for two days.
Tehelka case: Additional charges invoked on Tejpal, police remand extended

Saturday 7 December '13

Meanwhile, the statement of former Tehelka managing editor Shoma Chaudhury was recorded.
Tehelka rape charge: Trio whom victim confided in set to depose today

Friday 6 December '13

Tejpal is expected be taken to 'crime scene' after statements of the witnesses are in order.
Tehelka trial in fast-track court, says Parrikar

Thursday 5 December '13

Judicial Magistrate Kshama Joshi rejected Tejpal’s appeal for a fan in his cell in lock-up.
Shoma Chaudhury issued summons to testify in Tehelka sexual assault case

Wednesday 4 December '13

Earlier, Tarun Tejpal was taken for a second round of medical examination.
After alert, Tehelka fest website removes pictures of complainant it had uploaded

Tuesday 3 December '13

Tejpal is being through a set of tests to check his psychiatric and physical condition.
Tehelka sexual assault case: Tarun Tejpal undergoes medical tests

Tuesday 3 December '13

Tejpal's lawyer has filed an application to allow for a fan outside his cell.
Tarun Tejpal shares cell with 2 murder accused, 5 others on first night

Monday 2 December '13

He is being held at a well-secured Panaji police station lock-up.
Tehelka Case: Tarun Tejpal expected to be taken to hotel to reconstruct events

Monday 2 December '13

Tejpal was sent to police custody for six days following which he was interrogated by the Crime Branch.
Tehelka case: Tejpal sent to 6-day police custody, will be taken to crime scene

Sunday 1 December '13

Tejpal's lawyers opposed the demand for police custody saying he was cooperating with the Crime Branch.
Tehelka case LIVE: Tejpal sent to 6-day police custody, will be taken to crime scene

Sunday 1 December '13

Tejpal will be asked to identify the lift where the alleged crime took place.
A courtroom and a 4-hr wait

Sunday 1 December '13

The arguments and counter arguments were heard from 10 am, with the order expected around 4.30 pm.
Tejpal refused bail, arrested, prosecution builds rape case

Sunday 1 December '13

The victim’s statement is she was sexually assaulted by Tarun Tejpal.
Tarun Tejpal arrested after Goa court rejects his anticipatory bail plea

Saturday 30 November '13

The 50-year-old Tehelka founder was formally taken into custody at the Crime Branch headquarters.


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