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Man rescued from debris after 12-hour operation

Sunday 29 September '13

Jadhav is employed with BMC as a guard.
Brothers wait to know eldest sibling’s fate

Saturday 28 September '13

Chandrakant Jadhav, 49, employed with the BMC’s market department, moved in the building with his wife and three children seven years ago.
Rain, crowd hamper rescue work

Saturday 28 September '13

175 NDRF men on the job, hope to pull out survivors before oxygen level falls
IPL bookie duped housewives, sweet shop staff to amass SIM cards & run his ring

Monday 23 September '13

City bookie used SIM cards to connect between India and Pakistan during IPL 2013 for placing bets.
Police find chinks in BKC diamond bourse security

Monday 16 September '13

A security appraisal of the Bharat Diamond Bourse in Bandra-Kurla Complex by the Mumbai Police has thrown up startling loopholes in the system
Squash-A-Mile, for a cause

Sunday 15 September '13

100-odd people ran 165 laps of squash court to raise funds for cancer patients
Did not lodge FIR earlier as complainants backed out: Police

Friday 6 September '13

Khan was brought to Agripada police station on August 19 but was let off as the complainants backed out that night--Police officers probing a case of kidnapping and molestation at Dhobi Ghat
Fresh allegations against Mumbai gangrape accused, another woman goes to police

Wednesday 4 September '13

The teenager, who works as a telephone operator, approached the police on Monday night.
One of the accused ‘raped’ transgender, TB patient

Wednesday 4 September '13

In the same week that the photojournalist was gangraped inside Shakti Mills, one of the five accused is alleged to have sexually assaulted two other persons in Dhobi Ghat on consecutive nights.
No lessons learnt: Deserted Shakti Mill open for crime yet again?

Sunday 1 September '13

Police are gone, life returns to what it was amid unease in the compound and its neighbouring areas.
Shutters down on video parlours in Madanpura

Tuesday 27 August '13

Three days after Vijay Jadhav, 18, was picked up from a video parlour in Dagad Chawl in Madanpura, Mumbai Central, while allegedly watching a pornographic film, locals said all video parlours in the a...
Siraj's day used to begin at night

Monday 26 August '13

In the Dhobi Ghat area of Mahalaxmi in Mumbai, 23-year-old Siraj Rehman Khan, who was arrested from Mumbra area on Saturday for the gangrape of the photojournalist, is infamous as a criminal who slept...
Two more suspects held, police say they hit on victim with rape on mind

Sunday 25 August '13

The accused keeping watch told others that an “easy target” had walked into what was their regular haunt.
'Ruler of night', he played with trouble

Saturday 24 August '13

The suspect and his friends, most of whom are drug addicts and alcoholics.
Day after Mumbai gangrape, one arrested, four on the run: Police

Saturday 24 August '13

According to the FIR, the accused took pictures and video of the victim on mobile phones.
Once a mill, now a den

Saturday 24 August '13

In the 25,067-square-metre compound, nestled between a Western Railway printing press on one side and railway stores and rail tracks on the other, it is easy to lose one’s way.
3 new chinks found along city coastline

Wednesday 21 August '13

Audit reviews security along shore
Mental health a concern among the force

Wednesday 14 August '13

Under the cashless treatment scheme, treatment for 32 diseases is free at two police hospitals.
Long working hours and lack of access to proper food take its toll on Mumbai cops

Wednesday 14 August '13

Of the departments affected the most are police stations and the armed wing.
Three months on, suspect in acid attack on Delhi girl walks out of jail

Saturday 10 August '13

After coming out, he touched the feet of his waiting father Azadsingh and uncle H S Chaudhary.


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