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Punjab's VIP security cooks

Monday 9 September '13

For a state which has seen prolonged phases of militancy, Punjab still foots a heavy bill on VIP security.
Tunda speeds up Badals' purchase of third set of vehicles in six years

Saturday 31 August '13

Punjab has speeded up the process of buying a new set of luxury armoured sedans for Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and his son Sukhbir — thanks to revelations allegedly made by Abdul Karim Tunda
Tunda speeds up Badals' purchase of third set of vehicles in six years

Saturday 31 August '13

These will be the third set of vehicles the financially stressed state will purchase for the Badals in six years.
Cash crunch grounds new aircraft for Badals, for now

Thursday 29 August '13

Under attack from the opposition Congress for mortgaging government properties to meet its staggering debt bill, cash-strapped Punjab government has grounded the new aircraft for ferrying the ruling B...
On Punjab’s platter: Centre’s atta and Badals’ dal

Tuesday 27 August '13

Beneficiaries to overlap as Centre’s food Bill targets 46% families, atta-dal 48%
Battle of Punjab Congress chiefs past and present

Tuesday 27 August '13

The battle had been brewing since the change of guard in March
Amarinder flexes muscle, hits out at ‘greenhorn’

Monday 26 August '13

Former Punjab Congress president Captain Amarinder Singh today advised his successor Partap Singh Bajwa to go to Delhi to learn the extent of his jurisdiction as state president of the party
On paper, the acres defy change

Friday 23 August '13

Looking to diversify from paddy, Punjab rings alarm bell at way area under various crops is being assessed on the ground.
Vendetta helpline gets 3,000 calls, 420 genuine

Thursday 22 August '13

Helpline working as deterrent on Akalis: Cong
Counting the poor afresh

Thursday 22 August '13

While neighbouring Haryana launched the food security scheme, the Punjab government is trying to counter the Centre’s scheme.
Punjab writes to Centre, refuses to link SC welfare schemes to DBT

Wednesday 7 August '13

‘DBT scheme undermines federal structure of fund transfer’
After 108 ambulance, Badal puts his ‘stamp’ on another Central scheme

Tuesday 6 August '13

Punjab has put Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal’s pictures on a portal meant to register students for scholarship under the UPA’s direct benefit transfer (DBT) scheme
Half of Punjab is ‘officially poor’

Saturday 3 August '13

Atta-dal scheme to cover 48% families, annual liability Rs 420 cr
Modi effect in Punjab: BJP flexes muscles to save urban votebank

Friday 2 August '13

They both seem to agree that Punjab’s poor fiscal health needs a booster dose of fresh taxes. But allies SAD and BJP clearly disagree on whether the money should come from rural or urban voters.
Rights body finds school guilty of death of 13 students in accident

Tuesday 30 July '13

Jalandhar: Govt yet to take action on report submitted in June
‘Slum kids living in one room with parents are born characterless’

Thursday 25 July '13

One of the observations made by government school teachers during a two-day programme held last month for new JBT and EGT recruits to equip them with emotional intelligence skills, mainly empathy.
No coal linkage for 1,320 MW thermal plant, India Bulls set to tap solar power

Wednesday 24 July '13

Gobindpura: Part of 750 acres acquired after stiff opposition from farmers to be utilised
Mahila Cong chief serves notice to deputy, Bajwa picks her for party ‘grooming’ course

Friday 19 July '13

After pushing the Food Security ordinance, the AICC will train young leaders with “understanding of state as well as national policies” as spokespersons on its flagship schemes.
Bajwa overrules Rahul formula, doesn’t consult Jakhar in rejig

Monday 15 July '13

His wings clipped soon after taking over as the Punjab Congress president, Partap Singh Bajwa seems to be trying to assert himself when it came to the rejig of the state executive.
Remote Chail hamlets reap rich harvest with off-season greens

Saturday 13 July '13

A small hamlet in the serene hills of Chail, Chabeet, is now on the world map for being the highest demonstration site of Bharti-Walmart.


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