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Latest trend: Policing via social networking

Tuesday 7 January '14

Pune rural police officers use WhatsApp to share crime details, connect with citizens
Hirani-Dutt meeting in jail: Probe report says officials flouted rules

Thursday 2 January '14

Hirani had visited the jail in Sept to supervise Dutt’s rehearsal for a cultural programme.
The year when the city slowed down

Monday 23 December '13

Navigating Pune’s roads has become a nightmare, given traffic jams at important junctions
Rape complaints up by 85% as women shed their inhibition

Monday 16 December '13

In 2012, a total of 70 cases were registered at various police stations in the city.
Held for UoP murder, suspects being quizzed for Dabholkar killing: Counsel

Tuesday 10 December '13

Khandelwal’s father Ramavtar said his son was picked up by the Thane police on August 20 itself, so he cannot be involved in Dabholkar’s murder.
Held for illegal stay and let off a year ago, Nigerian couple still evade police net

Friday 6 December '13

Foreigners Registration Office had failed to issue restriction order.
Focus on arms dealer, but involvement not confirmed yet

Tuesday 3 December '13

Suspect already in custody of Pune police, was arrested for UoP guard’s murder; Nagodi also in ATS, Thane police records
Case against caste panchayat: Members deny charges, no arrests yet

Friday 29 November '13

A Jat panchayat member had filed a case with the police that he was barred from attending his mother’s funeral.
Fully-equipped firefighting bikes used just once in 20 months

Monday 25 November '13

They were inducted to reach disaster site quickly, but blame game is under way over usage.
Rural police short of staff even by 1960 standards

Thursday 21 November '13

The force is short of 3,500 personnel across 31 police stations.
Sex determination racket busted, 3 held

Monday 18 November '13

Adbe then, along with the vigilance officers who were following the couple, caught the doctors red-handed.
For the youth brigade, it’s ‘thrill’ and ‘fun’

Sunday 10 November '13

Several other students and young working professionals in the city who feel that getting drunk and driving is the most accepted idea of fun.
Diwali lights up Budhwar Peth, brings together sex workers, police, ‘outsiders’

Sunday 3 November '13

The view of the red light area in Budhwar Peth on Saturday evening was different from the usual one.
Inquiry ordered into director Rajkumar Hurani's ‘illegal’ visit to Sanjay Dutt in jail

Friday 1 November '13

Yerawada jail officers allowed director Rajkumar Hirani to meet convicted actor Sanjay Dutt.
Probe into Hirani’s visit to jail to meet Dutt

Friday 1 November '13

As per rules, apart from immediate kin only a friend and lawyer are allowed to visit him/her.
Prime suspect in Melghat tiger poaching case arrested in Pune

Wednesday 30 October '13

‘Arkas killed tiger with spear in May’.
For CID trainers, it’s a dog’s life

Friday 25 October '13

Trainers at CID’s 50-year-old institute live in pathetic condition while canines have all necessary facilities.
Teeming vehicles, traffic snarls force police to implement parking curbs

Sunday 20 October '13

In the past one year, 100 new parking restrictions have been put in place across Pune.
No security for 13 dams, irrigation dept yet to act

Friday 11 October '13

The Pune rural police have made repeated pleas for security cover and surveillance system based on intelligence inputs
Fake passports: Flaw in immigration check found

Friday 4 October '13

Two Myanmar nationals evaded scrutiny as the airport’s electronic passport verification system was missing: Probe


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