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Mallika Sarabhai joins AAP along with 50 supporters

Friday 10 January '14

Her joining AAP is seen as a big boost to party because of status of her family in Ahmedabad.
Anandiben husband backs out from joining AAP

Tuesday 7 January '14

Maftabhai Patel, the estranged husband of Gujarat minister Anandiben Patel, who had on January 3 publicly announced to join Aam Aadmi Party.
After a dazzling debut in Delhi, AAP sets up its units in Gujarat

Thursday 12 December '13

The party has already set up its units in 19 districts and is planning to spread to more regions.
State govt grants academic, financial autonomy to eight engineering colleges

Friday 6 December '13

The GTU will, however, have no role in preparing the syllabi of these institutes.
GPCC minority cell president resigns

Saturday 23 November '13

Rahul Gandhi was very much impressed by Saiyed’s presentation, focusing on the Muslim community in Gujarat and elsewhere.
‘Face’ of Gujarat riots to share stage with Karat

Thursday 7 November '13

Ansari, a tailor, praised Jaleel's efforts in “bringing integration of people of all communities”.
Gujarat orders probe into conversion of Dalits

Wednesday 16 October '13

The Dalit families who converted to Buddhism say they took the step to overcome the social stigma attached.
Farmers jittery over 'more than 50% loss' clause in compensation form

Sunday 13 October '13

Several farmers from Vadodara district said that the state government’s compensation criteria would not help them.
Parimal Trivedi still GU V-C as per Raj Bhawan's website

Wednesday 9 October '13

But Trivedi demitted the office about one and a half years ago and returned to his parent institution where he teaches physics.
Acquittal rate in corruption cases very high: CAG report

Sunday 6 October '13

'Only 33% cases resulted in conviction'
Rahul shuts out top tier, listens to lower rungs in Gujarat diagnosis

Sunday 6 October '13

Factionalism, favouritism to blame for defeats; he promises bottom-up change
Muslim leaders cautious about joining BJP, turn down offers

Wednesday 2 October '13

One of the politicians approached by the party said that he was not against the BJP.
Seeds of new interest

Friday 6 September '13

Guar in demand in international gas industry, Gujarat farmers go for the easy, profitable option.
Exclusive: The rise and fall of the guru

Monday 2 September '13

Asaram Bapu, arrested for sexual assault, runs 400 ashrams, has an estimated 2 cr devotees.
Rahul meets party MLAs to assess ground situation

Tuesday 13 August '13

On Monday, Rahul had a meeting with Shahpur MLA Gayasuddin Sheikh.
Fearing displacement, Sikh farmers settled in Kutch approach Punjab CM

Sunday 4 August '13

Over 2,000 Sikh farmers settled in Kutch are mobilising political support from outside the state to build pressure on the Narendra Modi government
Science colleges in state run out of seats, students' fate in the dark

Saturday 3 August '13

The fate of students who have passed Class XII (science) in the state remains in the dark as colleges across the state do not have enough seats to accommodate them all.
Cotton covers one-third of total kharif cultivation

Thursday 1 August '13

Having been sown over an area of 24 lakh hectares, mostly in Saurashtra and central Gujarat, cotton accounts for about 25 per cent of the total cultivated area of the 75.14 lakh hectares during the cu...
Gujarat tops in e-transactions with a lion's share

Sunday 28 July '13

Gujarat leads the country in e-transactions, accounting for almost 25 per cent of the total e-transactions recorded in the entire country between January 1 and July 27, 2013.
Colleges turn away class XII (Sc) toppers

Saturday 27 July '13

A huge number of students seeking admission in BSc courses and inadequate number of seats available with existing science colleges have created a difficult situation both for the students as well as c...


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