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'Why CES is becoming a gamble for tech companies'

Thursday 2 January '14

At CES in Las Vegas, selling trends is a gamble for tech firms as the consumer’s gotten wiser and pickier
Editorial: Growth versus dole

Saturday 9 November '13

If growth slips, ADB warns, number of poor can grow.
Fuelling the crisis

Tuesday 3 September '13

The petroleum minister must know that there is no alternative to hiking fuel prices
Google's X-factor: Moto X is a warning to existing handset makers

Monday 5 August '13

Moto X is first smartphone released by Motorola Mobility since it was acquired by Google.
FE Editorial : 8% growth, 100% effort

Monday 31 December '12

Though the Planning Commission has done well to lower its annual GDP estimates for the 12th Plan to 8% from the 8.2% it was looking at in September and the 9% before that, as PM Manmohan Singh pointed...
Android Alert

Tuesday 6 November '12

Android could be the undoing of not only Apple, but even Samsung, which is currently heavily reliant on it.
SC verdict on Presidential Reference

Thursday 27 September '12

SC verdict comes as a big relief to the government, says FE's Sunil Jain.
Steroidal Brics

Friday 30 March '12

Goldman Sachs put India at No 3 in 2050, a new report puts India as No 1—hence the govt’s complacence.
DEV ANAND 1923-2011

Tuesday 6 December '11

Before a storm of affectionate eulogies was generated by the news of his death, it would be fair to say that coverage of Dev Anand was dominated by two sorts of notations.
Singur: Didi acts like a dada

Saturday 11 June '11

Mamata uses Singur to kick Tatas out and then she accuses them of not doing anything with the land.
Education Matters

Friday 1 April '11

Raising average education levels by one year leads to a 2.5-3 percentage point rise in GDP.
‘Nobody has spoken to me about corruption’

Sunday 30 January '11

It is unfortunate that a section of Indian media is playing up this issue.
Demand for home loans strong

Saturday 15 January '11

HDFC CEO said although interest rates are rising, demand for housing remains strong.
When the Citi sleeps

Wednesday 5 January '11

Even if Citi’s top managers were not involved, they’re clearly guilty of sleeping on the job.
‘When I can afford it, let me buy the house’

Wednesday 8 September '10

The real estate industry has shrugged off worries about impact of an impending rate hike by Reserve Bank of India because investments in homes continue in anticipation of a rise in property prices.


The Big Debate
Pratap Bhanu MehtaYou, the UPA, destroyed roads, airlines, power, education, industry, employment… you rocked the financial boat, you came for freedom, you legitimised being corrupt. But we did not speak out. Remember, we do have the vote. Pratap Bhanu Mehta While we were silent, July 11 Comments
The Big Debate
Pawan KheraReally, Mr Mehta? Much that I enjoy your sophomoric enthusiasm, your assertions are hurried and inaccurate. The UPA didn't aim to silence people. The UPA heard what the people spoke. Pawan Khera Imagining a silence, missing the point, July 19 Comments
The Big Debate
Shekhar GuptaNever in India's history has the economic discourse been so one-sided. Povertarianism, has become a part of our holy national consensus. Shekhar Gupta National Interest: The deformists, July 20 Comments
The Big Debate
Shashi TharoorI respect Pratap Bhanu Mehta and Shekhar Gupta, but find their diatribes sweepingly denunciatory. They have failed to notice today's India boasts a thriving, entrepreneurial and globalised economy. Shashi Tharoor Note to UPA-bashers, July 23 Comments
The Big Debate
Shashi TharoorPawan Khera and Shashi Tharoor's defence of the UPA, as rejoinders to articles by Pratap Bhanu Mehta and Shekhar Gupta, displays how political sycophancy can distort perception. They are written to ensure their status in the party. Madhu Trehan A people in despair, a government in wonderland Comments
The Big Debate