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'On Muzaffarnagar, SP government is being misled by its officials'

Friday 3 January '14

In this interview, Lalu talks about Muzaffarnagar visit and its fallout.
'We were never a force of the city-state of Delhi. For us, Delhi was a deliberate choice'

Monday 30 December '13

Yogendra Yadav spent the most part of Christmas Day meeting individuals, nearly 60 in all, involved in people’s movements across the country.
They're not sure who or why but Lalu of old finds willing listeners in relief camp

Monday 30 December '13

Tumhara ladai hum ladenge, I will fight your fight,” said Lalu, in his parting shot at Loi.
Nitish II Part-III: Bihar Chief Minister may have a message but lacks the medium

Saturday 7 December '13

All 18 departments are being looked after by the chief minister.
Nitish Kumar: Upper castes are bitter and angry, his backward bastion is confused

Friday 6 December '13

In the changing Bihar landscape, Laxmanpur is different from, and similar to, other villages.
Bihar: Upper-castes bitter and angry, his backward bastion confused

Thursday 5 December '13

“If the massacre happened in Lalu's time, justice has been killed in Nitish’s regime”, a victim said.
They ask for more, from a Sitamarhi mall to Chhapra school

Thursday 5 December '13

Nitish Kumar is fighting against fatigue, loss of the BJP as ally, and systemic constraints.
‘One can’t survive by being anti anyone. We don’t restrict ourselves to any one grouping’

Sunday 23 June '13

In this Idea Exchange, JD(U) national president Sharad Yadav talks about the reasons behind his party’s exit from the NDA, the RSS hold over the BJP and the road ahead for the JD(U). This session wa...
Juhapura in 3D

Saturday 15 December '12

There is no Modi here, 2002 lives next door to 2012
Modi faces tough Saurashtra test, but Cong may not gain

Thursday 13 December '12

In a BJP election advertisement, a conversation between two men on ‘development’ ends like this: “I am Modi manas”, says one man. “I am also Modi manas”, chimes the other.
Modi faces tough Saurashtra test, but Cong may not gain

Thursday 13 December '12

Saurashtra this year saw its first drought since Modi came to power
Shift of strategy and stage

Thursday 13 December '12

Congress tries to keep Modi, Muslims out of campaign, turns to local issues
‘CAG’s figure of Rs 1.76 lakh crore fuelled perception of corruption. Last week’s auction has demolished that’

Sunday 18 November '12

In this Idea Exchange, Manish Tewari, the new Information and Broadcasting Minister, speaks about his new role, government regulation versus self-regulation and why Rahul Gandhi’s isn’t a cameo role. ...
Gadkari issue continues to roil RSS

Saturday 10 November '12

For the RSS, it is always a slow burn to the decisive moment.
‘We know the situation in Bihar. BJP is both an asset and a liability’

Sunday 30 September '12

JD(U) president Sharad Yadav speaks about FDI in retail and why a new Third Front won’t work.
‘The strength of this government is not its performance, but its ability to manipulate the political class’

Sunday 12 August '12

BJP leader Arun Jaitley speaks about the 2014 elections, coalition politics and why the Third Front is a “failed idea”.
Uneasy balance in BJP as polls tilt the scales for Modi

Monday 11 June '12

Gadkari vs Narendra Modi and Modi vs Joshi theatre in the BJP appears to have drawn to a close.
BJP truce uneasy but Gujarat polls cementing factor

Sunday 10 June '12

Gadkari vs Narendra Modi and Modi vs Joshi theatre in the BJP appears to have drawn to a close.
In the Baba’s shadow

Wednesday 6 June '12

If Anna looked shrunken on Sunday, he and his team are to blame
MPs want more cartoons out of school books

Monday 14 May '12

Days before Ambedkar cartoon row, MPs’ forum sought meeting with NCERT officials


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