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One party or coalition, the laws keep coming

Monday 19 December '11

India’s democracy appears to have grown more fractious and competitive over the years, but underlying the noise and fury are a poise and bipartisan consensus on the rules of the game
Team Anna’s new call: Make laws in streets

Monday 12 December '11

Rally: Politicians on stage share Lokpal views, but in snub, say leave details to House
Visiting George, for a darshan rather than a chat

Monday 12 December '11

George was lying on his back in bed, its upper half lifted to help him into a sitting position.
All but Cong headed for Anna venue, with riders

Saturday 10 December '11

Fast at Jantar mantar: Say only going to present their views, ask whether Anna and Co. have finally realised worth of political parties
On Babri day, economics, equity take stage, mosque in the wings

Tuesday 6 December '11

19th ANNIV: Muslims have more political options, debate moves to backwardness of community.
Praise be the Leader

Saturday 26 November '11

This Nitish Kumar biography details the early years rather well but desists from interrogating the CM
Manpreet shifts Punjab picture, joins dots from BSP to JD-U

Friday 25 November '11

Left too on his Sanjha Morcha platform, which is as much about political signalling as electoral gains
‘Those who came to Ramlila Maidan were not screened on the basis of their political ideology’

Sunday 20 November '11

Arvind Kerjiwal speaks about the role of the Lokpal and says the CBI should be brought under its purview or else, the ombudsman will be reduced to being a “post office”
Unvarying Advani rolls in, Punjab too preoccupied to notice

Wednesday 16 November '11

The season of political mobilisation can be said to have been inaugurated in Punjab
In Rajasthan, Advani yatra marks Vasundhara’s route

Sunday 13 November '11

He berates UPA govt for price rise, describing it as the most corrupt dispensation ever
On screen, son’s talent will matter, not caste: A proud Paswan

Friday 4 November '11

‘I could at best be chaprasi in a film house. Chirag wants to be there with the Khans’
Anna campaign shows where Left failed: Karat

Monday 24 October '11

In its response so far to the Anna Hazare campaign, the Left has ticked off the UPA government for its alleged acts of omission and commission.
Modi changes mind on Advani yatra, had hinted he’d keep away

Sunday 9 October '11

CM himself conveyed reservations to ‘mentor’ Advani.
Wary of Anna, guns on Maya, Akhilesh seeks to connect with rath and new media

Friday 30 September '11

In this season of yatras, Akhilesh Yadav has hopped on to the bandwagon.
The life and death of Shehla Masood

Sunday 18 September '11

Stories abound in Bhopal of the life and death of Shehla Masood.
Lokpal Bill: Anna exits fast lane, risky road ahead

Monday 29 August '11

Hazare latest is right to reject candidate at polls; invokes Ambedkar in token course correction.
‘Do not insist on forcing us to do something that goes against the oath of our office’

Sunday 28 August '11

In this Idea Exchange, Ashwani Kumar, Congress leader and minister in the Manmohan Singh Cabinet, says Parliament’s “supremacy in law-making is non-negotiable”. The session was moderated by Senior Edi...
Anger after Ramlila midnight is over Govt, netas and reservation

Sunday 21 August '11

Behind the placards, the refrain: we want to be part of something larger.
BJP eyes returns from agitation, Sangh calls strategy baithak

Wednesday 17 August '11

The BJP has raised the pitch against the UPA government on Anna Hazare’s arrest but beneath the rhetoric lie hard-nosed political calculations.
The loneliness of the giantkiller

Friday 12 August '11

Ram Vilas Paswan, who once ‘held the keys’ to Bihar, now deserted by almost all his legislators.


The Big Debate
Pratap Bhanu MehtaYou, the UPA, destroyed roads, airlines, power, education, industry, employment… you rocked the financial boat, you came for freedom, you legitimised being corrupt. But we did not speak out. Remember, we do have the vote. Pratap Bhanu Mehta While we were silent, July 11 Comments
The Big Debate
Pawan KheraReally, Mr Mehta? Much that I enjoy your sophomoric enthusiasm, your assertions are hurried and inaccurate. The UPA didn't aim to silence people. The UPA heard what the people spoke. Pawan Khera Imagining a silence, missing the point, July 19 Comments
The Big Debate
Shekhar GuptaNever in India's history has the economic discourse been so one-sided. Povertarianism, has become a part of our holy national consensus. Shekhar Gupta National Interest: The deformists, July 20 Comments
The Big Debate
Shashi TharoorI respect Pratap Bhanu Mehta and Shekhar Gupta, but find their diatribes sweepingly denunciatory. They have failed to notice today's India boasts a thriving, entrepreneurial and globalised economy. Shashi Tharoor Note to UPA-bashers, July 23 Comments
The Big Debate
Shashi TharoorPawan Khera and Shashi Tharoor's defence of the UPA, as rejoinders to articles by Pratap Bhanu Mehta and Shekhar Gupta, displays how political sycophancy can distort perception. They are written to ensure their status in the party. Madhu Trehan A people in despair, a government in wonderland Comments
The Big Debate