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Partying Lanka sighs for missing Manmohan Singh at CHOGM

Monday 18 November '13

It may all be a put-on but Sri Lanka, it seems, is having a grand public relations party.
Not long ago, Narendra Modi could do no wrong for L K Advani

Tuesday 24 September '13

In his ‘08 memoirs, Advani had backed Modi and said he was more sinned against
Gujarat n-project: India, US to sign exploratory pact

Friday 9 August '13

The Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL) and Westinghouse Electric Co. propose to sign the agreement during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to the US.
This time, West sees hidden hand of Pakistan in terror attacks while India looks within

Monday 19 September '11

Behind recent blasts are home-grown outfits, autonomous yet networked with Lashkar.
What Headley read: a German war manual, book on ‘art of ripping, poking vital targets’

Friday 22 July '11

Rahul Bhatt’s reading list: books on bugging, counter insurgency
IMB: Somali pirates close to Indian coast, attacks up by 40 pc

Thursday 10 February '11

The failure of the UN and Western powers to stabilise Somalia and invest in its economy uniformly has seen piracy by its nationals soar by about 40 per cent in the Indian Ocean region in 2010.
The financing capital

Tuesday 2 November '10

Adarsh shows how Mumbai suffers as a goldmine for political parties
Aviation’s SOS to PM: Save the Navi Mumbai airport

Thursday 19 August '10

When Samyukth Sridharan, Chief Commercial Officer of budget airline SpiceJet, says that “getting a fresh slot at Mumbai airport...
Only one runway, Mumbai airport gasps for breadth

Wednesday 18 August '10

Average circling/holding time for a plane coming in to land at Mumbai airport has tripled to 30 minutes since 2008; this has pushed up operating cost per flight by Rs 1-1.5 lakh emitting nearly 4,000 ...
NYPD takes field trip to Mumbai to study terror trends

Thursday 18 December '08

New York City, like the rest of US, prides itself that it has been able to prevent another terrorist attack after 9/11.
Haywood wanted end to ordeal: lawyer

Wednesday 20 August '08

US National Ken Haywood felt that he was being “needlessly harassed” by the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad...
Nuclear deal crucial to meet India’s energy needs: Kakodkar

Thursday 10 July '08

Mounting possibly his strongest defence yet of the Indo-US nuclear co-operation agreement...
Flying on empty: Air India’s losses triple to highest ever, daily deficit over Rs 8 crore

Sunday 29 June '08

When Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel wrote about a week ago to unions of the National Aviation Company of India Ltd...
Roshan not eligible for bail, won’t be out before January

Friday 20 June '08

Roshan Jamal Khan, the Indian national under arrest abroad in connection with a suspected terror plot...
Air India defends free tickets for its former CMD, plans for more

Thursday 29 May '08

A day after The Indian Express reported that the previous chairman of the National Aviation Company of India Ltd...
Post-retirement freebies for former Air India CMD: 18 tickets & counting

Tuesday 27 May '08

Barely weeks after the storm over the out-of-turn promotions he granted on his last day in office at the National Aviation Company of India Ltd...
N-deal in limbo, fuel shortage beginning to hurt, NPCIL profits are down 30%

Wednesday 21 May '08

The uranium shortage plaguing India’s nuclear reactors now has numbers to put the crisis in perspective...
Meanwhile, on the streets of Beijing, the question: why do they hate us so?

Wednesday 9 April '08

The newest attraction in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, overlooking the gates to the Forbidden City...
In Tibet season, New Delhi goes to Beijing with a red carpet

Tuesday 8 April '08

Last year, number of Chinese tourists in India jumped 48% but was still only 68,000
Fed up with coalitions, people will go for one-party rule: Krishna

Monday 17 March '08

Admitting that he faced a tough task in leading the Congress back to power in Karnataka, former chief minister S M Krishna said...


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Pawan KheraReally, Mr Mehta? Much that I enjoy your sophomoric enthusiasm, your assertions are hurried and inaccurate. The UPA didn't aim to silence people. The UPA heard what the people spoke. Pawan Khera Imagining a silence, missing the point, July 19 Comments
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