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Turning a deaf ear

As usual, Gandhiji’s rules, sprinkled throughout his writings, speeches, letters, are an excellent guide, even though for us pygmies...

Part 2
A few lessons

Wednesday , 16 September '09

“Arun Shourie has attacked the Chief Minister, A.R. Antulay because the latter has opposed America’s decision to give arms...
Master strategies

Thursday , 27 August '09

Here we are breaking each other’s heads over Partition when the man who presided over it has already assumed responsibility for so much that happened.
A few extracts from the book

Tuesday , 25 August '09

Now, it so happens that I profoundly disagree with Mr. Jaswant Singh’s assessment of Jinnah. Ever since I read the multi-volume Jinnah Papers...
“Either diplomacy or war”

Thursday , 13 August '09

“Trust but verify,” the Prime Minister says, invoking Ronald Reagan. Of course, Reagan did not just stop at enunciating a maxim....
New beginnings?

Monday , 15 June '09

Of course, I would have liked the election results to have been the other way round. But, of the remaining alternatives, what the electorate has handed down is the best one.
Sravan Kumar is now stable enough to be taken to rehab, doctors have said.
Sravan Kumar to be moved to rehabilitation centre

Monday , 15 June '09

The first reported victim of a series of alleged racist attacks in Australia, whose case caught media attention, will move to the rehab after doctors said he was clinically stable.
When the danger is imminent, loud and clear, our voice must be insistent, loud and clear

Tuesday , 26 May '09

Arun Shourie delivered a memorial lecture at the The United Services Institute in honour of their former Director, Maj. General Samir Sinha.
Bringing India’s money back to Indian shores

Tuesday , 21 April '09

On the tax havens issue, the Congress is caught in its own web
Facing down the neighbourhood bully

Tuesday , 7 April '09

India must resist weak rationalisations of China’s action in Tibet
Digging our head deeper in the sand

Tuesday , 7 April '09

India ignores the Tibet situation and China’s widening influence at the borders to its own peril.
Responding to the Economic Meltdown

Thursday , 19 March '09

Several features about the current economic crisis stand out. The first, of course, is the sheer scale of what preceded it, and the magnitude of what has happened in its wake...

Monday , 1 December '08

Our coastal areas are coming under increased threat from terrorist groups, which have decided to use the sea route to infiltrate into India.
Arun Shourie
An empty claim?

Monday , 8 September '08

Manmohan Singh and his spokespersons have said times without number that the US has assured India....
Arun Shourie
‘But there is nothing new’

Saturday , 6 September '08

But why now? Why on the eve of the NSG meeting in Vienna?”
The 'main hun na' school of budgeting

Saturday , 29 March '08

In the Budget for 1990/91, the VP Singh Government announced a loan waiver of Rs. 10,000 crore. The Government was soon out.
The new remedies

Friday , 28 March '08

What the CAG's Performance Audit has revealed about the 'flagships' - the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and the Rajiv Gandhi Drinking Water Mission...
On their own yardstick

Thursday , 27 March '08

One problem is that while the Government committed itself in that new scripture - The National Common Minimum Programme...
'Action completed'!

Wednesday , 26 March '08

The document is Implementation of Budget 2007-2008, and is one of the important documents that have been distributed with this year’s Budget.
Arun Shourie
Hindutva and radical Islam: Where the twain do meet

Friday , 28 December '07

Your Hindutva is no different from Islamic fundamentalism’ — a fashionable statement these days, one that immediately...