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Dal Matters

J&K failed to implement its own report on Dal

The IIT Roorkee report apart, the J-K government has failed to implement its own comprehensive 256-page report that was submitted in the legislative assembly.

Schooling the change? Dal issue might enter textbooks

Tuesday , 7 April '09

The Detailed Project Report for conservation of Dal-Nigeen lakes advocates 'incorporation of lessons on environment especially on lake conservation in the school curriculum at the primary and secondary levels.'
Kashmir students join Nigeen lake clean-up operation

Tuesday , 7 April '09

School children from the valley joined hands with the Nigeen Lake Conservation Organisation in a clean-up operation.
LAWDA bans houseboats even as whole city's drain open in Dal

Monday , 6 April '09

The glass chandeliers hanging from the ornately carved wooden ceiling chime with the early spring breeze.
Dal Lake = Srinagar's sewage dump?

Friday , 3 April '09

Where does the Srinagar city’s sewage go? The mouth of the city’s 15 major drains open into the Dal Lake, polluting its waters on a daily basis.
Dal Lake could live up to 300 more years!

Thursday , 2 April '09

If only silt from its surroundings keeps on depositing in Dal Lake, it will take another 346 years to disappear. And siltation of the lake bed is only one small reason for the death of the Dal.
If displaced from Dal then nowhere to go

Wednesday , 1 April '09

The Dal Lake is unique because people live inside it in hamlets and houseboats and cultivate vegetables in the floating gardens within its waters.
HC's pro-active approach gives a boost to Dal restoration

Tuesday , 31 March '09

In three years, a pro-active pursuit of the case by the HC has turned Dal restoration into J-K’s most popular issue outside its treacherous politics.
Nigeen project can give Dal a few tips on lake conservation

Tuesday , 31 March '09

Nigeen Lake’s conservation organization NLCO, an NGO, has set up an example by taking an initiative to save a lake, however small it may be.
Roorkee University brought Dal hope; was never enforced

Tuesday , 31 March '09

One of the many attempts to save Dal Lake was the Conservation and Management Plan for the Dal – Nagin Lake undertaken by the Alternate Hydro Energy Centre of University of Roorkee.
Govt hypocrisy gradually killing Dal, Nigeen lakes

Friday , 27 March '09

The Dal and its basin Nigeen is unique because it is the only water body where people live inside the lake in small hamlets and houseboats and cultivation is carried out in floating gardens.
Absence of drainage system forces residents to pollute Dal

Thursday , 26 March '09

The residents living there moved to the place thirty years ago, after being evacuated from the middle of the Dal lake. Now Chek Nigeen also comes under the green belt area notified by LAWDA.
Extensive efforts by NGO’s to clean up Dal lake

Wednesday , 25 March '09

At a time when thousands of tons of garbage find its way into the Dal, NGO's have come to the rescue.
Youth Hostel Association steps forward to 'save Dal'

Tuesday , 24 March '09

The Youth Hostel Associations of India has stepped forward to volunteer to save the shrinking Dal Lake. They recently organized a meeting to discuss alternate ways of saving the Lake.
Corruption overcomes efforts to save Dal

Tuesday , 24 March '09

The Dal may be dying but its ever polluting waters and shrinking shores are filling pockets of its government appointed protectors.
The once beautiful Dal is now a curse for inhabitants

Monday , 23 March '09

The people who live in the Dal lake are now looking for a way out of the polluted surroundings they have to dwell in.
Off the hook? We aren't illegal residents, fishermen say

Monday , 23 March '09

The people living now in Dar mohalla, Dhobhighat are fishermen. The residents of this place were previously living in small boats in and around Dal Lake.
Moving Dal Lake? Thank God it is only a joke!

Monday , 23 March '09

Can lakes be moved to rescue them from the double onslaught of encroachment and the pollution that threatens to devour them?
Dal water ebbs as floating gardens look for elbow space

Monday , 23 March '09

The Dal's waters are shrinking as the numbers of the erroneously named 'floating gardens' rise for planting vegetables for Srinagar's markets.
April Fool - the play on the plight of Dal Lake - being staged.
A play on the Dal’s plight

Monday , 23 March '09

‘April Fool’ – an hour long play by Kashmir’s top playwright and theatre director Mohammad Amin Bhat has brought Dal Lake's environmental debacle to stage.