Full Coverage - Express at Cannes

Express at Cannes

Cannes diary 6: Every element in place

Michael Haneke's harrowing 'Amour' pulls not one single punch, and leaves you teary-eyed.

Director John Hillcoat and cast members Shia Labeouf  and Jessica Chastain, Tom Hardy and Mia Wasikowska arriv...
Cannes diary 5: Of big ticket movies, and long snaking lines

Sunday , 20 May '12

There's a strict caste system for film critics to cover the Cannes film festival.
Actors Jane Fonda and Freida Pinto on the Cannes red carpet. (AP)
Cannes diary 4: Celeb spotting

Saturday , 19 May '12

Celebrity stalking is a full time activity at the Cannes Film Festival as the crowds keep increasing.
Resplendent in a gold saree, Amala Shankar attends Cannes with her family members.
Cannes diary 3: Kalpana's journey to France

Friday , 18 May '12

There is no denying the relevance of this film, with its beautifully choreographed sequences.
Cannes diary 2: Famous faces

Friday , 18 May '12

So I walked the red carpet, right behind Wes Anderson, Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton and gang, all there for the opening.
A giant canvas of the official poster of the 65th Cannes Film Festival featuring Marilyn Monroe is seen on the...
Cannes diary 1: Doing the Can-can

Thursday , 17 May '12

Here's the world's most buzzy film fest, which mixes glamour and work, like only the French can.
Make way for the camel: Cannes film festival opens

Wednesday , 16 May '12

Wes Anderson's carefully composed whimsy, 'Moonrise Kingdom' and Sacha Baron Cohen's theatrics mark Day 1.