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A Kabul copís dream defines womenís struggle across a nation

If kabul were Chennai, she would be Rajnikanth. In fact, in a society that keeps its women unseen and unheard, Saba Sahar is much more than that.

Berlin buzz: Meet Q, Kolkata director who doesnít mind his Ps

Sunday , 20 February '11

Gandu, directed by Q (ex-Kaushik Mukherjee), blends shock, awe ó and beauty.
No Priyanka, but director Bhardwaj finds his moment in freezing Berlin

Friday , 18 February '11

A day before India opening, 7 Khoon Maaf premieres at festival.
Very little politics but for Panahi absence

Friday , 18 February '11

There are no demonstrations, not even a token few holding placards, supporting the protests in the Middle East.
Studio with a legacy, Dietrich to Cruise

Thursday , 17 February '11

Built in 1912, the Babelsberg Studio is the oldest large-scale studio complex in the world and still the largest in Europe.
In ATMs, a night shelter for homeless

Wednesday , 16 February '11

Warm, clean, safe.
Strong pitch for multiculturalism

Tuesday , 15 February '11

One of the best films shown so far at Berlinale deals with a Turkish family thatís been living for 45 years in Germany, whose first immigrants are now getting their German passports.
For every major party, a public voice on cinema

Monday , 14 February '11

That the Germans take their cinema seriously is apparent from the fact that all five parties in the Bundestag, including Chancellor Angela Merkelís Christian Democratic Union, have spokespersons on films.
Stars on a short orange carpet, and Jafar Panahi everywhere

Saturday , 12 February '11

It's a cold Berlin evening, with the threat of rain hanging in the air.