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Anti-China protest: Tibetan mother of 4 self-immolates near Sichuan monastery

Radio Free Asia said 30-year-old Kalkyi set herself on fire Sunday near a monastery.

Now self-immolation to be charged with homicide. (Agencies)
Tibetans inciting self-immolation to be charged with homicide

Monday , 10 December '12

Also, those who parade a corpse through the streets will also be subject to criminal prosecution.
Dorje Rinchen, a farmer in his late 50s, runs after setting himself on fire on the main street in Xiahe in nor...
Chinese police offer cash for tips on Tibetan immolators

Thursday , 25 October '12

Police in China is offering tipsters a reward of $7,700 for information about immolators.
According to reports, Chinese police took away five monks during a raid at a monastery in northwestern China.
Chinese police raid Tibetan monastery: report

Wednesday , 5 September '12

The monastery is situated near the area where two Tibetans set themselves on fire in June.
Two Tibetan teenagers died after setting themselves on fire.
2 Tibetan teens die after self-immolating in China

Tuesday , 28 August '12

The incidents pushed the number of confirmed self-immolations to 51 since 2009.
Dalai Lama decides to be neutral about immolations
Dalai Lama takes a neutral stand about immolations

Monday , 9 July '12

The Dalai Lama decides to remain neutral about the wave of immolations by Tibetans in China protesting Beijing's repressive policies.
This image made off amateur video footage released by the Tibetan Youth Congress show two Tibetans hold Tibeta...
Tibetan suicides spread to interior areas; one more dead

Thursday , 21 June '12

Two more Tibetan protesters set themselves on fire and one of them succumbed to the burn injuries.
Two Tibetans set themselves on fire in west China (AP)
Two Tibetans set themselves on fire in west China

Thursday , 21 June '12

Two Tibetans burnt themselves in a protest against Chinese rule.
Tibetan dies after self immolation in China (Reuters)
Tibetan dies after self immolation in China

Friday , 15 June '12

Chinese government alleges immolations an orchestrated attempt to create tension.
Two envoys of Dalai Lama, who led nine rounds of on-off talks with China, have resigned, over increased tensio...
'Frustrated' Dalai Lama envoys quit over China 'stonewalling' talks

Monday , 4 June '12

The envoys cites frustration at a lack of progress in talks and increased tension within Tibet.
Groups say Tibetan woman sets herself on fire

Thursday , 31 May '12

A mother of three is the latest Tibetan to self-immolate to protest Chinese rule.
China detains hundreds in Tibet capital: report

Thursday , 31 May '12

Hundreds of people have been detained in Lhasa after two men set themselves on fire in the Tibetan regional capital.
There have been at least 34 immolations since March of last year to draw attention to China's restrictions on ...
2 Tibetans set selves on fire outside Lhasa temple

Monday , 28 May '12

This is the first time self-immolations, protesting Chinese rule, have happened in Tibet capital.
Dalai Lama will receive $1.8 million Templeton Prize for his work in encouraging scientific research and harmo...
Dalai Lama to receive 2012 Templeton Prize in London

Thursday , 10 May '12

Tibetan spiritual leader will receive $1.8 mn prize for his work in encouraging scientific research and harmony among religions.
2 Tibetans set themselves on fire: group

Saturday , 21 April '12

Incidents occurred in the Tibetan prefecture of Aba in a rugged area of China's Sichuan province.
China has alleged that Dalai Lama was instigating suicides, specially among the Buddhist monks in Tibetan-inha...
Talks possible if Dalai Lama gives up Tibet independence demand: China

Monday , 2 April '12

For the first time in recent months, Beijing has indicated willingness to reopen stalled talks with Dalai.
A group of Tibetans attempted to storm Oberoi Hotel where Hu Jintao is staying but were detained.
Protesters unfurl Tibetan flag near BRICS summit venue

Thursday , 29 March '12

Around 10 activists unfurled the flag on a foot-over-bridge, less than a kilometre from Taj Palace.
26-years-old Jamyang Yeshi, who fled from Tibet 5 years ago, runs engulfed in flames after self-immolating him...
Tibetan activist, who sets himself ablaze in Delhi, dies

Wednesday , 28 March '12

Jamyang Yeshi set himself on fire at Jantar Mantar to protest against Chinese president's India visit.
US committee approves bill on Tibet

Wednesday , 28 March '12

US senate calls on China to ease restrictions in Tibetan areas and free prisoners after.
26-years-old Jampa Yeshi, who fled from Tibet 5 years ago, runs engulfed in flames after self-immolating himse...
Protesting Hu visit, Tibetan sets himself on fire at Jantar Mantar

Monday , 26 March '12

He was protesting against the visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao to India.