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Gujarat riots

Two kids to raise, widow rebuilds life with Hindu tenants, 12 goats in Best Bakery

The two-storey house stands out in its locality of Hanuman Tekri (the Hanuman hillock).

In Godhra: ‘Economic partnerships are the road to amity’
Split Godhra’s unity call: Ram-Rahim business models

Friday , 17 February '12

Hindu-Muslim ventures are on rise in riots epicentre but can economics alone bridge communal divide.
Real estate boom skips affected neighbourhoods, Muslims say can't buy flats on offer.
No place for haunted past in swanky new Naroda

Wednesday , 15 February '12

The site of two of the bloodiest massacres of the 2002 Gujarat riots, Naroda has gone a long way towards wiping its slate clean — literally.
Naroda Patiya fruitseller Zannatbibi lost nephew in riots.
'I sell potato balls to kids... I feel my Mushtaq is one of them'

Wednesday , 15 February '12

The three are among the 5,000-odd survivors of two of the worst massacres
Naroda Patiya fruitseller Zannatbibi lost nephew in riots. IE PHOTO: JAVED RAJA
‘I sell potato balls to kids... I feel my Mushtaq is one of them’

Tuesday , 14 February '12

Amina Behlim saw a neighbour being raped by 11 men and sheltered her for five years.
Naroda Gam (2012): Deserted, in fright

Tuesday , 14 February '12

Abdul Sattar, who has come for a funeral in Naroda Gam, points to a well where bodies of those killed in the riots were allegedly dumped.
Naroda moves on... Patiyawalas still stuck

Tuesday , 14 February '12

A young boy gets down at the last stop of the Bus Rapid Transit System on the RTO-Naroda route and says, “Where is this Naroda Patiya, the riot spot, actually located?”
Children crowd around the burnt coach of the Sabarmati Express.
In Godhra, a burnt train and a divided neighbourhood

Monday , 13 February '12

Children play cricket in open ground next to burnt and corroded S-6 coach parked outside the railway yard.
Sophiyabano was at the Godhra station on February 27, 2002, when she says a kar sevak tried to drag her into t...
Why Sophiyabano is still terrified of train journeys

Monday , 13 February '12

One of the first stories to emerge after the attack on Sabarmati Express was that a Muslim girl had been molested and dragged into the S-6 coach.
Zakia Jafri at her son’s home in Surat. Her husband Ahsan was among the 69 killed in Gulberg Society.
He had come home to tell me we had paid off our bank loan: Zakia

Monday , 13 February '12

Jafris had many reasons to celebrate on February 28, 2002. But by evening that day, Zakia’s husband had been killed on the streets with 68 other neighbours.
The photograph of Qutbuddin Ansari that has became the enduring image of the Gujarat riots.
‘No, please...no photos, please’

Monday , 13 February '12

The folded hands, those eyes, take you back 10 years—to the bloodshed in Gujarat and the haunting face.
Police suspect Naroda Patiya man killed in cold blood

Thursday , 2 February '12

The killing of a Naroda Patiya resident, who was found dead in a Mehsana hotel on Tuesday, is suspected to be a murder in “cold blood”.
Zadafia knew about violence unfolding in Gulburg, Naroda: Sanjiv Bhatt

Friday , 30 December '11

Bhatt says Narendra Modi, Zadafia had been kept informed about violence in Ahmedabad.
Wasn't aware of Naroda, Gulburg violence: Ex-Guj minister

Thursday , 29 December '11

He says he had nothing to do with bringing back of Godhra victims' bodies to Ahmedabad hospital.
Naroda Patiya: Cop identifies Bajrangi in court

Saturday , 6 August '11

K K Mysorewala identified five accused in the cour — Bajrangi, Umesh Bharvad, Murali Narayan, Raju Choumal and B J Rajput.