C. Raja Mohan

On national security, Congress pusillanimity, BJP opportunism and AAP anarchism

C. Raja Mohan

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Riots perfect backdrop to anoint Modi as PM hopeful: CPI(M)

Yechury said the contradictions that plagues any BJP coalition has come to the fore.

For the Muslim woman, against arbitrary divorce

Friday , 21 June '13

Petition in Madras HC challenges triple talaq and qazis' right to simply nullify marriages.
Uttarakhand HC upholds life in jail to Amarmani, wife

Tuesday , 17 July '12

The Uttarakhand High Court upheld the life term awarded by a CBI court to former SP MLA Amarmani Tripathi, his wife Madhumani, nephew Rohit Chaturvedi and associate Santosh Rai in the Madhumita Shukla murder case
Clinton in Kabul: Afghanistan as a ‘major non-NATO ally’.

Sunday , 8 July '12

In an unannounced trip to Kabul on Saturday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared that Afghanistan is now a “major non-NATO ally” of the United States.
The Muslim Voter Isn't Dumb

Tuesday , 20 March '12

Muslim voter may be educationally backward, but is intelligent enough to see through politcal hogwash.
Pakistan's Political Transition: Zardari's Moment

Monday , 19 March '12

After four years, Zardari is now the longest surviving civilian president of Pakistan.
Govt permits ECBs for affordable housing projects

Friday , 16 March '12

Govt allowed external commercial borrowings (ECBs) for low-cost affordable housing projects.
Islamabad versus Rawalpindi: the focus on ISI

Saturday , 10 March '12

Refusal to extend tenure of ISI Chief Lt Gen Pasha is hardly a political triumph for Pak’s civilian leadership.
'Nonalignment 2.0': Thinking asymmetrically about China

Wednesday , 29 February '12

Chinese economy ($7.3 trillion in 2011) is nearly four times as large as that of India ($1.8trillion).
US Military in Asia: 'Places not Bases'

Wednesday , 1 February '12

Washington, however, insists that it has no intention of establishing new military bases in Asia.
Good bye Rahul, says Dilip Tirkey

Saturday , 28 January '12

In a national sport and a national obsession, Tirkey and Dravid have had similar career graphs.
After the Bangla coup, Maldives in trouble

Saturday , 21 January '12

After an attempted coup has been foiled in Bangladesh, a different kind of putsch appears to be unfolding in Maldives.
Getting back to shape

Thursday , 12 January '12

In the excitement of losing weight, I had overlooked the fact that I was a lactating mother.
C. Raja Mohan
Islamabad versus Rawalpindi: Pakistan’s gathering political storm

Wednesday , 11 January '12

By sacking defence secretary, Pak President Zardari and PM Gilani have chosen to confront Kayani rather than meekly surrender.
Where is the Muslim actress?

Tuesday , 3 January '12

There are only a handful of Muslim women in B-world-- Soha Ali Khan, Farah Khan, Zoya Khan, Anusha Rizvi.
Golden Dosa

Wednesday , 28 December '11

Dosas go the bling way after a Bangalore restaurateur serves them in gold leaf!
New role beckons: working mother

Friday , 23 December '11

The toughest part is, however, the scary thought of leaving the baby with a stranger.
Should Milli Gazette be allowed to die?

Thursday , 15 December '11

Located in a muslim-dominated community, 'Milli Gazette' does not find readers in Jamia Nagar.
US-Pak tensions: Delhi's Strange Passivity

Sunday , 11 December '11

For the first time since the Partition of the Subcontinent, India's relations with Pakistan and the United States appear in a better shape.
Nokia thinks cheaper brands have reached end of their talk time

Tuesday , 6 December '11

Nokia is back in the market after the launch of dual-SIM devices.