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On national security, Congress pusillanimity, BJP opportunism and AAP anarchism

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Explained: Do J&K women lose their right to share in ancestral property if they marry a non-state subject?

Issue was settled in 2002 by a Jammu and Kashmir High Court headed by Justice V K Jhanji.

Why the President addresses Parliament

Thursday , 21 February '13

Pranab Mukherjee will address both Houses at the beginning of the budget session today.
Decoding Mulayam Singh Yadav assets case

Monday , 17 December '12

The Indian Express explains the allegations, court cases and CBI probe into the DA case.
Singapore court backs Malé decision to scrap GMR deal

Friday , 7 December '12

“The Maldives government has the power to do what it wants, including expropriating the airport,” Sundaresh Menon, the Chief Justice of Singapore, said in court.
The Maldives government in 2009 asked the International Financial Corporation (IFC), the private sector arm of...
GMR-Maldives row: Where the dispute lies

Friday , 7 December '12

Mihir Mishra explains the tussle that strained ties with the island nation.
The rules and the reasons for travelling abroad

Wednesday , 10 October '12

The procedures public servants and public representatives need to follow in making a foreign trip, and some incentives to travel.
The flood of contracts that Ajit Pawar cleared

Wednesday , 26 September '12

At root of scandal leading to Maharashtra deputy CM’s resignation, irrigation schemes in Vidarbha
The politics behind SP’s stand on SC, ST promotion quota

Friday , 7 September '12

Today, he is opposing reservation in government promotions for SCs and STs.
How to file an RTI application

Tuesday , 21 August '12

New rules have been notified, though yet to come into effect. Shyamlal Yadav explains what’s new
Scientists celebrate the discovery of a particle “consistent” with the Higgs boson at CERN on Wednesday. AP
God exists

Thursday , 5 July '12

Scientists at the CERN research centre near Geneva unveiled their latest findings
Why the world is watching a tiny nation vote once again

Monday , 18 June '12

On Sunday, voters in Greece went to polls for the second time in as many months.
Explained: When RBI revises rates, and what it means at the bank

Wednesday , 6 June '12

The statement, coming in the wake of the dismal GDP growth data released last week, could mean the RBI is gearing up for a second round of interest rate cuts at its policy review on June 18.
Behind the eurozone crisis, the strong vs the weak

Tuesday , 22 May '12

The sovereign debt crisis gripping euro nations
Why auditor has dragged the govt over the coals

Wednesday , 28 March '12

Anil Sasi explains the coal block allocation controversy triggered by a CAG estimate on notional losses.
A new prescription

Wednesday , 14 March '12

Indian co to manufacture and market generic version of a patented drug. Here’s what that means to the patient:
Importing power equipment & the duty to be imposed

Wednesday , 22 February '12

The Chinese top the list, followed by the South Koreans and the Russians.
Wikipedia webpage in use on a laptop computer. (Reuters)
US piracy bill can hit Indian sites too

Monday , 23 January '12

The copyright bills would give US authorities powers to take down websites in India.
In Mumbai, a demand for inclusion of Muslims among OBCs.	file
A quota planned for ‘backward’ Muslims, here’s how and why

Friday , 9 December '11

It is proposing fixing a quota for backwards among Muslims out of the 27 per cent already earmarked for OBCs.
What peace accord means to an Assam district

Wednesday , 30 November '11

Assam outfit UPDS has signed peace pact with Centre.
Why are people worried about Italy?

Thursday , 10 November '11

The euro crisis may have spread to Italy.