Full Coverage - Missing Tigers

As tiger becomes tigress, experts for shift from pugmark to hi-tech

For four months between November 2008 and February 2009, the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department chased a ‘young male maneating tiger’ in a bid to shoot it.....

Tigress airlifted to Panna ignoring experts, guidelines

Tuesday , 10 March '09

In an operation which has broken most guidelines set down by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), a breeding tigress was airlifted from Kanha to Panna tiger reserve on Monday morning.....
Survey finds ‘no signs’ of tigers in Panna

Wednesday , 4 March '09

First, Panna tiger reserve lost all its tigresses to poachers. Now, it may have lost its tigers as well......
Ranthambhore tigress released in Sariska

Thursday , 26 February '09

After a four-month delay and several attempts in the second phase to revive the number of big cats in Sariska, a tigress was flown in the reserve forest.....
Tigers missing, it’s a jungle out there

Thursday , 12 February '09

Early on Wednesday, when the runaway ‘maneater’ from Corbett National Park was captured, it was taken to Nainital Zoo. But just a few days ago....
Centre intervenes to stall killing of ‘maneater’

Wednesday , 11 February '09

Two days after The Indian Express reported Uttarakhand’s decision to execute a ‘maneater’ tiger in Corbett after it killed a woman in the tiger reserve....
Tiger declared maneater in Corbett, forest dept blames tourist pressure

Monday , 9 February '09

In Corbett National Park, the repercussions of constant tourism activity are beginning to show...
Another tiger killed near Corbett Reserve, two arrested

Saturday , 31 January '09

Highlighting once again the plight of tigers outside protected areas, a tiger skin and tiger skeleton was found in an area adjoining the Corbett Tiger Reserve...
UP problem cats are ‘sugarcane tigers’

Monday , 19 January '09

In Uttar Pradesh, they have come to be known as ‘sugarcane tigers’, but the problem is as serious as the nickname is cute. Tigers have been straying from the forests that should be their home and crossing over into thick sugarcane fields...
Alarm bells: UP goes on the great wild (goose) tiger chase

Saturday , 3 January '09

When a tiger walks over 400 kilometres, it’s bound to make news...
Plight Tiger

Thursday , 1 January '09

At the beginning of this year, a ground-breaking, new, and scientific tiger census...
Tiger: Centre raps UP ‘licence to kill’

Thursday , 25 December '08

CRITICISING the Uttar Pradesh administration’s announcement of a cash reward for anyone killing the tiger that is on the prowl near Lucknow, the Centre has stepped in to stop its killing.
3 states yet to notify tiger reserves

Friday , 21 November '08

Two years after an amendment in the Wildlife (Protection) Act that makes formal notification of tiger reserves mandatory, The Indian Express has found that three states in the country are yet to notify their tiger reserves.
9 tribals arrested for tiger poaching by electrocution

Wednesday , 12 November '08

After pits, snares and automobile cable nooses, live high-tension electric wires used by poachers are turning out to be a huge threat to tigers.
Margin call

Saturday , 1 November '08

There are Mangrove tigers and Bengal tigers, but can there possibly be a “sugarcane” tiger? Evidently, there can be - and there is.
Dog skin for tiger’s, fake market thriving in Capital

Saturday , 13 September '08

A ‘tiger’ skin, which eventually turned out to be fake, has only served to blow the lid off the illegal trade in animal skin and bones taking place in the Capital.
Website offers tigers ‘bred in India’ for sale

Saturday , 13 September '08

Looking for a fashionable pet to flaunt this season? Try an Indian tiger.
Tigers fall prey to killer highways

Friday , 12 September '08

Last Saturday, a tiger, on his usual territorial stroll in Katarniaghat in Terai area of Bahraich district in UP...
Arrested poacher claims he killed Corbett tiger near park

Thursday , 28 August '08

The arrest of tiger poacher Omprakash Bawariya from Ramnagar in Uttarakhand...