Full Coverage - Osama: The hunt ends

Osama: The hunt ends

Who shot Bin Laden? Media feud among Navy SEALs

Laden had been alone when commando entered bin Laden's third floor room in his Abbottabad hideout.

Kashmiri planned 26/11
‘Osama told Ilyas Kashmiri to target plane carrying Obama’

Friday , 4 May '12

Osama bin Laden gave 26/11 planner Ilyas Kashmiri the job of assassinating Obama
Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was killed by US Special Forces a year ago.
Osama keeps an eye on earth from hell!

Wednesday , 2 May '12

Dozens of fake accounts were floated on Twitter shortly after bin Laden's death and ever since.
Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden dreaded of another large-scale, 9/11-type attack on the United States.
Osama bin Laden said to have wanted US President Obama assassinated

Tuesday , 1 May '12

Al-Qaeda chief also dreaded of another large-scale, 9/11-type attack on the United States.
Osama Bin Laden became increasingly reclusive and seldom left the main building, says new book on him. (Reuter...
ISI knew where Laden lived; provided shelter to Zawahiri: book

Tuesday , 8 November '11

ISI also provided protection, safe houses to Zawahiri, according to 'Seal Target Geronimo'.
A Pakistani official tipped off US about Osama's whereabouts. (AP)
For American citizenship, Pak official betrayed Osama: report

Wednesday , 10 August '11

Reports claim official also told US that Saudis were paying ISI to keep Osama in Pakistan.
Osama was in on 2005, 2006 London bombing plots

Wednesday , 13 July '11

Laden was personally linked to the plots, though 2005 attack was his last successful operation.
Osama Bin Laden's presence in Pakistan raised a lot of questions for Pakistan. (AP)
Osama had support system in Pakistan: Donilon

Monday , 4 July '11

Still, no evidence to indicate that top leadership knew Laden was in Pakistan, said Donlion.
Osama was buying, selling gold jewellery in Pak lair

Wednesday , 29 June '11

A more detailed picture is coming to light as to how the world's most wanted fugitive lived out his final years
File Photo: Al-Qaeda supremo Osama Bin Laden in a still from a video interview. (AP)
Few Pakistanis think Osama killing was a good thing: survey

Wednesday , 22 June '11

In the wake of multiple bombings, many in Pakistan call killing the al Qaeda chief a bad decision.
Osama bin Laden
Osama killing: Pak to set up new panel to probe US raid

Sunday , 19 June '11

Commission will expose all mysteries surrounding Osama's presence and US raid in Pakistan.
Pak arrests CIA's informants in Osama raid: Report

Wednesday , 15 June '11

The detainees include a Pakistani army major who gave license numbers of cars visiting Osama's house.
Osama was killed by ‘counter-Islamic’ pork-coated bullet: Website

Friday , 3 June '11

The makers of Silver Bullet Gun Oil claim it contains 13 per cent USDA liquefied pig fat.
Children in Laden home were good-looking, healthy: local pediatrician

Wednesday , 1 June '11

The doctor unknowingly treated children who lived in Laden's house, some possibly his own.
Osama’s Abbottabad cover was blown by Taliban co-founder Baradar: report

Monday , 30 May '11

Taliban co-founder said US in return promised to withdraw troops from Taliban strongholds in Afghanistan.
Al-Qaeda releases new audio of Osama bin Laden

Thursday , 19 May '11

'The winds of change flew to Tahrir Square and a great revolution was begun,' Osama is quoted in audio.
US used stealth drones to monitor Osama in Pak

Wednesday , 18 May '11

Stealth drones allowed CIA to glide undetected beyond boundaries Pak has long imposed on other US drones.
Osama shown speaking on Middle East unrest in his last video

Saturday , 14 May '11

The said video is part of a huge cache of electronic and other materials obtained by the Navy SEALs.
The three wives of Osama Bin Laden had given him 20 children. (Reuters)
How Osama lived with three wives, 17 kids

Friday , 13 May '11

The Al-Qaeda chief had to contend with three wives and 17 noisy children under one roof in his last days.
The three wives of Osama Bin Laden had given him 20 children. (Reuters)
US officials interrogate "hostile" widows of bin Laden

Friday , 13 May '11

US officials reportedly interrogated three widows of the Al Qaeda chief in supervision of the ISI.