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‘The role that India played should be played by other countries as well—to send help, not send bombs’

Shaida M. Abdali, Afghanistan’s Ambassador to India, speaks about post-2014 Afghanistan, engagement with the Taliban and the roles played by India and Pakistan in the region.

2012: Ideas expressed

Sunday , 30 December '12

Top political leaders and prominent social activists, senior administrators and bureaucrats, a deposed President and foreign ambassadors, leading economists and businessmen as well as successful sports personalities, including an Olympics silver medallist, were just some of the guests at this year’s Idea Exchange. Some of the more memorable quotes from 2012
‘The BJP’s ideology is to obstruct. Give me one session of Parliament since 2009 where they have not obstructed’

Sunday , 23 December '12

Kapil Sibal speaks about the elections in Gujarat, the new Cabinet Committee on Investment and pending Bills in Parliament.
‘To say we are becoming regressive because we opposed FDI in one sector is not fair judgment’

Sunday , 16 December '12

BJP leader Yashwant Sinha talks about his party’s stand on FDI, the Banking Bill and why he asked Nitin Gadkari to step down.
BJP won’t support banking amendment Bill, says Yashwant

Friday , 14 December '12

Sinha also said the BJP would not support increasing FDI in the insurance sector
Advocate Yusuf Muchhala at Express Tower in Mumbai during the Idea Exchange programme. (Express photo)
‘Congress ran away when 1992-93 riots broke out’

Monday , 10 December '12

Advocate Yusuf Muchhala speaks about feeling of alienation, other issues of minority community.
‘There is a perception deficit between Indians and Australians...but the last decade was the most productive we’ve had’

Sunday , 9 December '12

Peter Varghese, Australian High Commissioner to India, speaks about improving bilateral ties, his new assignment and why he is bemused at the popularity of Masterchef Australia.
‘With Kasab’s execution, I have proved that I am not weak’

Sunday , 2 December '12

In this Idea Exchange organised by Loksatta, the Marathi daily of The Indian Express Group, Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde details the timeline of events leading to Kasab’s hanging at Pune’s Yerawada Jail. This session was moderated by Girish Kuber, Executive Editor, Loksatta
Irina Bokova
‘Striking the right balance between modernity and heritage is complicated. We try to find the balance’

Sunday , 25 November '12

Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director General, speaks about conservation in times of globalisation, of freedom of speech and expression and UNESCO’s adjustment in the new world order.
‘CAG’s figure of Rs 1.76 lakh crore fuelled perception of corruption. Last week’s auction has demolished that’

Sunday , 18 November '12

In this Idea Exchange, Manish Tewari, the new Information and Broadcasting Minister, speaks about his new role, government regulation versus self-regulation and why Rahul Gandhi’s isn’t a cameo role. This session was moderated by Opinion Editor Vandita Mishra
‘There is a problem in demanding far too much freedom for our institutions. How do you establish their accountability?’

Sunday , 11 November '12

Chief Information Commissioner Satyananda Mishra speaks about the scope of the RTI law and glitches in implementing it.
CIC Satyananda Mishra
V K Singh wants House dissolved... I shudder to think, what if he was still Army Chief: CIC

Friday , 9 November '12

Speaking with Anna by his side on Oct 29, Singh had demanded immediate dissolution of Parliament.
‘Activists keep arguing that it takes too long to prove a man guilty. But is that fair grounds to reject the rule of law in favour of kangaroo trials?

Sunday , 4 November '12

In this Idea Exchange, the new Minister of Law and Justice, Ashwani Kumar, speaks about judicial activism, and the right to privacy vis-a-vis the right to information. This session was moderated by Senior Assistant Editor Maneesh Chhibber
‘Political will needed for large projects’.
‘Slums come back due to politics’

Monday , 29 October '12

At a time when certain large infrastructure projects are nearing completion and others are taking off from the drawing board, Metropolitan Commissioner Rahul Asthana talks to The Indian Express newsroom about issues such as planning, scope for PPP projects in the city, coordination between agencies and the menace of slums.
‘Punjab’s drug problem has worsened during the Akali rule and then they say it’s the Centre’s problem. That is their standard line’

Sunday , 28 October '12

Minister of State for External Affairs Preneet Kaur speaks about the proposed Blue Star memorial, the drug menace in Punjab and Indo-Pak relations.
‘Kejriwal’s tactics of sitting outside peoples’ homes, abusing everybody, this will pull down our democracy’

Sunday , 21 October '12

BJP president Nitin Gadkari speaks about the party’s stand on economic reforms, the media focus on Kejriwal and the BJP’s strategy for the 2014 elections.
‘If there is a cooling period of two years post-retirement, no judge would take up these jobs. Who would be bothered?’

Sunday , 14 October '12

NHRC chairman and former Chief Justice of India K G Balakrishnan speaks about judicial overreach and judges being appointed to government posts.
‘The Posco project is not moving like we expected it to. But the ball is in India’s court’

Sunday , 7 October '12

In this Idea Exchange moderated by Deputy Editor Subhomoy Bhattacharjee, Korea’s Ambassador Joon-gyu Lee speaks about Korea’s FDI experience, strategic ties with India and why Gangnam Style has little to do with Korean culture
JD(U) leader Sharad Yadav at idea exchange, an initiative of The Indian Express, in New Delhi. (IE Photo: Ravi...
‘We know the situation in Bihar. BJP is both an asset and a liability’

Sunday , 30 September '12

JD(U) president Sharad Yadav speaks about FDI in retail and why a new Third Front won’t work.
‘The diesel price hike is a good move (but) it is not a reform’

Sunday , 23 September '12

Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, speaks about reforms carried out by the UPA government and explains why every government action is not a ‘reform’