Full Coverage - The SIMI scare

The SIMI scare

Lawyers attacked — on the streets, in police stations, inside courtrooms

When legal defence of a terror suspect is seen as a betrayal of the nation

When ISI became a ‘front for SIMI’

Monday , 1 October '12

A maulana, his sons and associates find themselves in and out of jails
The posters that landed retired SIMI secy in jail

Friday , 28 September '12

Posters on religious conference had Quranic verses, were found before SIMI was banned
Over a month, four ‘terror’ arrests in Indore for ‘shouting slogans’

Thursday , 27 September '12

It’s just not Urdu writings or a magazine copy that can get you booked under the stringent Unlawful Activities Act
2 years, 5 cities, 6 cases – and ‘proof’ everywhere is the same magazine

Wednesday , 26 September '12

April 2004 copies of Tehrik-e-Millat ‘recovered’ from two sisters in Khandwa with their names written by hand on them, is police ‘evidence’ against multiple suspects in 2 states
SIMI, which was banned in 2001, has been under scanner for terror attacks in various parts of the country.
A children’s magazine, newspaper, Urdu poetry – anything can land you in jail

Tuesday , 25 September '12

SIMI has been banned for 11 years. But young Muslim men said to be its members