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Third Eye - Nadine Kreisberger

Nadine Kreisberger is a French traveller who has worked in international relations, classical music and psychology. But it is her particular interest in spiritual matters that led her to devise this version of The Proust Questionnaire: "It helps us to see people for who they really are inside."


'Religion has the potential for a lot of evil'

Dr. Yalom, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Stanford University, feels religion has different connotations.

Anita Dube
‘Art heals you, it makes you more human’

Sunday , 26 June '11

Anita Dube believes every human being has a divine component but not magnetised with spirituality because of prevailing social obligations
David davidar
‘Writing can take you to places

Sunday , 19 June '11

David Davidar is a firm believer in the fact that we are responsible for our actions. He says that one should pick themselves and move on, without putting the blame for any of their misfortunes on some other force.
Urvashi butalia
‘If there were a God, it would be a female’

Sunday , 12 June '11

Publisher Urvashi Butalia believes her career is not just a job and gets excited about every new book, even after 30 years in the field.
gulammohammed sheikh,
‘Poetry and painting allow me to be free’

Sunday , 5 June '11

There is a great distance between what artist Gulam Mohammed Sheikh envisions in his mind and what a painting becomes, between thought and action, even if only a few seconds separate the two.
Anuradha kapoor
‘Happiness is the process of creating’

Sunday , 29 May '11

For Anuradha Kapoor, spaces, sounds and music create a sense of religion.
David abraham is a fashion designer
‘Religion means very little to me’

Sunday , 22 May '11

David Abraham believes spirituality is the quieter, more contemplative side of human nature. It is about finding harmony in life, establishing some kind of meaning and knowing what makes one tick
Hans-ulrich obrist
‘I believe art can change the world’

Sunday , 8 May '11

Hans Ulrich Obrist believes that as a curator he is a 'junction maker' who brings art works together, brings artists together, brings people together
Raghavendra Rathore
‘Creativity is the ability to displace an idea’

Sunday , 1 May '11

Creativity for Designer Raghavendra Rathore is to displace an idea and contemporise it in the most practical, functional and aesthetic way.
Anju dodiya
‘A painting is like a person. it has a life of its own’

Sunday , 24 April '11

Artist Anju Dodiya believes that one is not fully in control during the creation of art, other forces are at work.
Ramachandra Guha
‘I am a liberal who vigorously defends the middle ground’

Sunday , 17 April '11

Historian and author Ramchandra Guha believes in defending the middle ground as it is core need for a country as complex, as large and as diverse as India.
Zubin Mehta is a Western classical music conductor
‘To make life an art, this is what I try to do’

Sunday , 10 April '11

World renowned conductor of Western classical music Zubin Mehta believes he borrows spirituality from composers, thankful he can touch it everyday.
Lushin Dubey is a theatre artist.
'Acting is mystical, a big high'

Sunday , 3 April '11

Theatre actor and director Lushin Dubey always felt that theatre was an intrinsic part of her.
Legendary Kathak exponent, Pandit Birju Maharaj.
'When I sleep, my fingers tap a rhythm. Behind the sound, there is God'

Sunday , 27 March '11

Pandit Birju Maharaj, the leading exponent of the Lucknow Kalka-Bindadin gharana of Kathak dance, calls on God to use him as a conduit in every performance.
Mithu Sen is an artist.
‘Each of my works is my god’

Sunday , 20 March '11

Artist Mithu Sen feels like a composer with her works, assembling them till she reaches the moment when it feels all done.