He (Amit Shah) smiled and said Sohrabuddin had himself closed the option of keeping himself alive...

Sohrabuddin case
Ramanbhai Patel Proprietor of Popular Builders, Ahmedabad, at whose office Sohrabuddin's aides had fired allegedly at the behest of cops Abhay Chudasama and others

When we were in judicial custody (after firing at the office) we came to know from different sources that the firing was stagemanaged at the instance of Abhay Chudasama and D G Vanzara. After Sohrabuddin's encounter on 6.12.2005 ATS police forcibly picked me and my brother and took us to the ATS office. There Rajkumar Pandian and Vanzara threatened us to give statement against Sohrabuddin, (Tulsiram) Prajapati and others. They also threatened us that if we don't act as per their diktat they will implicate us in false case. They let us go, then again on 15.12.2005 we were called to ATS office. A phone call came on Vanzara's cell and he was talking respectfully. After some time he put me through the phone and Amit Shah, minister of home, was on line. I recognised the voice and Amit Shah forcefully directed me that I should give my statement to Vanzara or else I will be in trouble. I insisted that I will speak the truth. Vanzara arrested me and brother in the case related to firing on my office. Vanzara later told me that if I don't want to be killed like Sohrabuddin I should pay Rs one crore. I was scared, Vanzara and Pandian agreed to accept Rs 60 lakh. Accordingly the money was arranged when we were in police custody to Vanzara in Pandian's presence. Later Pandian threatened third degree methods if we did not pay him Rs 15 lakh separately. ...We were implicated in seven false criminal cases during the period from 2001 to 2005. In 2006, we learnt that Amit Shah is planning to book me and my brother under PASA, since the marriage of my niece was scheduled we were worried. I came in touch with Ajay Patel who is the president of Ahmedabad District Co-operative Bank. Ajay Patel told us that Amit Shah had demanded money to settle the whole issue and had demanded Rs 1.5 crore. Keeping in view the marriage of my niece, on 16.05.2006 we paid Rs 25 lakh, thereafter Rs 25 lakh on 20.06.2006 and Rs 20 lakh on 31.05.2006. I had not paid Rs 20 lakh because the cases against us were not closed. Once when I and my brother were meeting Amit Shah at his Ahmedabad residence (we asked)... why was Sohrabuddin killed when he was working closely with Abhay Chudasama. He smiled and said Sohrabuddin had himself closed the option of keeping himself alive and that political equations and needs we would not be able to understand. It became clear to me Sohrabuddin was killed for political and not financial gain. I do not remember meeting Amit Shah after Tulsiram was killed. We were contacted again after a very long time by Ajay Patel on behalf of Amit Shah. He told us that Amit Shah had sent a message with CBI officials likely to contact us, and we should give a statement that in no way harms anybody..... On 3.3.2010 Ajay Patel called my brother Dashrath arranging a meeting with Abhay Chudasama.... Chudasama told us that they will give in writing the statements we should give to CBI officials.

Azam Khan Close associate of Sohrabuddin, and accused in the murder of Rajasthan gangster, Hamid Lala

Sohrabuddin was extorting money from the traders and businessmen of Rajasthan and Gujarat at the behest of suspended IPS officer of Gujarat-cadre, Abhay Chudasama. Chudasama and Sheikh were sharing the booty at the proportion of 75 per cent and 25 per cent respectively. Chudasama sent me to Madhya Pradesh to meet family of Sheikh to wind up the legal proceedings initiated by them against Gujarat Police in the fake encounter of Sohrabuddin. He allegedly offered Rs 50 lakh. When family members of Sheikh refused... Chudasama had told me that 'Sohrab' was his 'good friend' and that he had saved him from trouble in the Haren Pandya assassination case.

(Translated from Hindi)

Noor Mohammed Goghari Ahmedabad resident, who knew Sohrabuddin during his stay in the city

After Sohrabuddin's encounter, the ATS personnel picked me and my son from my house in village. Pandian...beat me up in the office. Vanzara and Pandian threatened me and abused me. They recorded my statement which I had never given.... Vanzara, Chudasama and Pandiyan used to threaten to kill me as they had encountered Sohrabuddin.

V L Solanki The police inspector who first probed the Sohrabuddin encounter case under Geetha Johri, IGP

My letter through which I had sought permission from Ms. Geeta Johri, and on which she had endorsed that she may be also allowed to accompany me to visit Udaipur to examine Prajapati is not available in the correspondence file which was maintained in the O/o ADGP, CID (Crime). In my Interim Report 5, I had written to the effect that permission is yet to be granted for visiting Udaipur for investigation for obtaining the information about Prajapati and Sylvester, at Central Jail in Udaipur.

In the note sheet of the file of PE 66/06 of the O/o the ADGP, CID (Crime), Ms. Geetha Johri had sought permission to visit Udaipur for examining Sylvester and Tulsiram on 05/01/2007. But firstly, it makes no sense asking for permission to examine Tulsiram after he was already killed on 28/12/2006. Secondly, I find that there is no material (my report is not there in this file, and even on the note sheet there is no previous mention of Sylvester or Tulsiram anywhere) to seek such a permission. Therefore.... I state that my report and the original note have been destroyed. This must have happened after Tulsiram was killed. Had my report and the comments of Ms. Geeta Johri on that report remained on file along with the note of Ms. Johri seeking permission of Shri Raigar, it would have been clear that the permission was withheld by Shri Raigar and in the intervening period, Tulsiram was killed.... My report and the original note seeking permission must have been destroyed. Ms. Johri should definitely know it. It was strange conduct of Shri Raigar to have granted permission on the note dated 05/01/2007 for examining Tulsiram, who was already dead. In any case, this permission was never communicated to me. In view of all these, I can say that the note dated 05/01/2007 was fabricated after the death of Tulsiram. Why Shri

Raigar would have withheld the permission asked for, for more than two weeks, I do not know. But as I said before, about what Ms. Geetha Johri had conveyed to me twice... anybody can understand that Shri Raigar would have acted under pressure from Shri Amit Shah and P. C. Pande.

Zahid Kadri Former Traffic Superintendent, Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation

In 2002, after the Godhra incident, there were riots all over the state. There were no riots in our area. This was not tolerated by certain elements. Resultantly, on 07.05.2002, ... at around 9.00 o'clock local police officers came... fired 147 rounds and also fired 97 teargas shells. Some of the boys out of fear climbed on the terrace of Moin Apartments. These boys were stripped naked and shot dead from point blank range. One of these boys was my son, Farhan @ Raju. In this regard, I made complaints at various quarters and also filed complaint case in Metropolitan Magistrate's Court No. 15 .... However, so far nothing has been done in this enquiry.... In this regard, I had also filed writ petition in the Gujarat High Court on 19.05.2005.

I know Sohrabuddin since 1997 as he was my neighbour.... I did not have any close association with him.... I was picked up by Shri Dabhi of Anti Terrorist Squad from my house at 4.30 am on 6.12.2005. Shri Dabhi, Shri Chauhan, Shri Parmar and 20-25 others rushed into my house. I know Shri Dabhi as (we) played together during university days.... I asked them why was I being arrested when I had done no crime. They said Amitbhai has asked us to arrest you. They handcuffed me and took me to the ATS office.... I saw my brother-in-law Shri Imtiaz Kadri, Noor Goghari and Murtaza Khan Pathan, leader of Youth Congress were sitting there. They took me to the 'Jallad' who was none else but SP Rajkumar Pandian. Pandian told me that you have to do two things : one, withdraw the petition against the police filed in connection with the death of my son Farhan@Raju and second give a statement against Sohrabuddin, Jhalla, Goghari and others falsely implicating them in the incident of firing at the (Popular Builders') office.... If you don't do this I have the permission to do encounter, as directed by Amitbhai. I did not agree. Then Shri Pandian told Shri Choubey to gave me electric shocks. Shri Dabhi also punched me.... It was illegal confinement till 12.12.2005.... On 16.12.2005, I was called by Shri Dabhi...and was asked to come to ATS. They gave me a statement prepared by them and told me that you have to give the same statement in the court. I told them it is wrong but they threatened to kill me. On 12.01.2006, I was forcefully taken to the Hon'ble Metropolitan Magistrate Court No. 10 and made to give a statement. Shri R.B. Joshi, PI and Shri D.R. Goswami, PI compelled me to make that bogus statement (in court).

... I was picked up by Shri M.L. Parmar, Dy. S.P. from my residence after the false encounter of Sohrabuddin, from my house at 2.00 am.... In the ATS office Shri D.G. Vanzara and Shri R.K. Pandian told me that I was arrested because of directions from Shri Amit Shah, MoS (Home). Shri Vanzara and Pandian were threatening me of dire consequences and wanted me to falsely depose against Manilal Ghosar, Sohrabuddin, Jhalla, Goghari and others.... I kept on telling them not to make me depose falsely. I kept on pleading with them... but to no avail....

Rajeev Dasot IGP of Udaipur, Rajasthan, when Sohrabuddin was killed

No information was available to me or brought into notice of mine about the activities of Sohrabuddin or Tulsi Prajapati. Before going to Ahmedabad, the then SP Mr Dinesh M. N. told me that one fellow Sohrabuddin was a notorious criminal and wanted in a murder case and he wanted to go to Ahmedabad for his arrest, just before leaving for Ahmedabad. I found it a bit out of place and I asked him whether for a murder accused going of a SP is necessary? ... He said, "Sir he is a notorious criminal and wanted in one Hamid Lala murder case and that he was already in touch with Gujarat Police for this information".

Sylvester Daniel Sohrabuddin's aide, Udaipur resident, currently in jail

Some time in late 2004, Sohrabuddin told Tulsi and me to go and resort to firing in the office of Raman Patel and Dashrath Patel, M/s Pioneer Infrastructure, Navrangpura. Sohrabuddin said that he has been instructed by Abhay Chudasama to get this firing done. He further instructed that no one should be injured and only a terror has to be created.... Meanwhile Tulsi fired on a computer and two shots in air and both of us left from the office of Patel brothers.... After arrest of Tulsi and me by Rajasthan police in Hamid Lala murder case when we both were lodged in Udaipur Central Jail, during that time Tulsi informed me in one conversation that in the middle of November 2005 he was called by Abhay Chudasama, who told him that there was pressure from politicians to apprehend Sohrabuddin. Chudasama had further told Tulsi that Sohrabuddin will only be arrested and no physical harm will be done to him. Accordingly Tulsi met Sohrabuddin and went with him from Indore to Hyderabad....They (Gujarat police) forcibly deboarded Sohrabuddin, (his wife) Kausar Bi and Tulsi. While police personnel deboarded Sohrabuddin, Kausar Bi came forward and opposed.... Then Pandian directed (his men) to take Kausar Bi. Tulsi also informed that he was brought straight to Udaipur and after 4-5 days his arrest was shown from Bhilwara by Rajasthan police in Hamid Lala murder case. Tulsi also told that he was under constant fear that police will eliminate him... (as) he was eyewitness of abduction of Sohrabuddin and his wife Kausar Bi.

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