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Friday, September 28, 2001  

See brown logo on non-veg biscuits


NEW DELHI, SEPTEMBER 27: VEGETARIANS and animal lovers can now check for a brown logo on food products to avoid consuming anything with non-vegetarian ingredients, whether biscuits or potato chips.

As per a new rule notified yesterday, the logo, a brown circle inside a square , would henceforth be on the label of any product using a non-vegetarian ingredient. It would come into effect starting October 4.

The Health Ministry said that the rule, that excludes milk and milk products, plus medicines, would make it mandatory for every manufacturer to inform the consumer if any non-vegetarian ingredients had gone into the making of its product.

When any article of food contains whole or part of any animal, including bird, fresh-water or marine animals or eggs or products of any animal origin as an ingredient, a declaration to this effect shall be made by the manufacturer by displaying the brown symbol, the notification says.

The brown symbol should be close in proximity to the name or brand name of the product, and should also be on the labels, containers, pamphlets, leaflets and advertisements in any media, it adds. A separate declaration in addition to the symbol is to be made when a product contains only egg as a non-vegetarian ingredient.

The notification will push a whole lot of food products into the non-vegetarian category as a list of animal-based food items brought out by the Animal Welfare Department this year includes many varieties of biscuits, colas, chocolates, ice-creams and alcohol.

Colas which use glycerol extracted from animals or plants, chewing gum and chocolate which contain glycerin, gelatin and emulsifiers of animal origin, jellies made with non-vegetarian gelatin, and sweets and pan with silver varakh and biscuits using animal enzymes are mentioned in the list.

The varakh on mithai consumed by an average family per year would alone represent the use of ox-guts of three cows/bulls as it is made by beating sheets of silver kept between intestines of a freshly slaughtered animal.

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