Tele scope

Plots and gameplans

Elections are here and so are the conspiracy theories. So now we know. Thank you, Headlines Today, for revealing the deep-rooted conspiracy at the heart of today’s politics. No, it has nothing to do w......read more
View from the Right

Deal debris

The cancellation of the AgustaWestland VVIP chopper deal has got the Organiser to portray the deal as another example of the UPA’s alleged corruption. The cover story is called “Deal crashed, debris r......read more

Our right to revelry

The police in India tries to regulate 21st century culture with 19th century laws and a 15th century mindset. The turn of the year festive season draws to a close, and as it is with most festivities, ......read more

The taper tigers

OPED.jpg In the new year, a new label for countries that pass the test. My pick for word of the year 2013 is: “taper”. This modest word — better than the conceited “selfie” or the annoying “twerk” — did more t......read more
View from the left

Appeal to President

The CPI(ML)’s ML Update focuses on the closure of relief camps in riot-hit Muzaffarnagar. Attacking the UP government, it calls for the intervention of the president, under Article 355 of the Constitu......read more

The Volgograd warning

Gordon M. Hahn There’s more to the terrorist threat to the Sochi Olympics in Russia than Chechen nationalism. Much attention is being paid to December’s two suicide bombings in the southern Russian c......read more
On the Record: Farkhunda Naderi, Afghanistan MP

‘If we had women in the Supreme Court, they would be able to interpret laws, so men would not tell them how to be good Muslims’

Farkhunda Naderi is a member of Afghanistan’s parliament from Kabul, representing the National Unity Party of Afghanistan. Afghan women’s rights is critical to her agenda. Elected in 2010, Naderi has ......read more

Rule by messiahs

OPED.jpg The AAP’s appeal to a ‘moral sense’, and not to the intellect, is not accidental. I do not doubt that the leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party are honest, well-meaning persons who may even bring some small ......read more

Three hundred miles on, sixty seven years back

On a trip from Delhi to Amritsar, I felt I had travelled back in time. We were on the train to Amritsar on a foggy December morning heading for the border to cross into Lahore. I was watching a film, ......read more

An army of teachers

Utilising qualified retired military personnel could be a force multiplier in the education sector. Thousands of personnel from the armed forces retire every year and resettle in civil society, with m......read more
Nextdoor Nepal

Comrades at war

Another split in the Maoist party is likely to impact the constitution-making process. Intra-party and inter-party feuds and compromises over power-sharing have been the most common feature of Nepali ......read more

Delivering services to aam aadmi

OPED.jpg Policy design should worry less about public versus private, and more about choice and accountability. The most noteworthy aspect of the Aam Aadmi Party’s manifesto is the explicit focus on service de......read more

Creative ferment

Varun Gandhi But deepening accountability in a durable manner will require structural reform. Massive demonstrations occurred in a landmark square, with citizens expressing deep discontent with their ......read more
Over The Barrel

Change and its limits

Why AAP’s success mirrors the best and the worst of our political system. The Aam Aadmi Party has had spectacular success, of that there can be no doubt. But even its most hardened and committed supp......read more