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In Orissa’s ‘liberated’ zone, two villages take on the Maoists

The two villages together have a population of around 4,000, mostly belonging to the Chakotia Bhunjia tribe.

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Shinde: I'll be happy to see Pawar PM

2014: Home Minister says NCP chief a ‘victim of Delhi politics’; Pawar party says he’s not in race

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Thousands spoil durbar debut

Chaos after 20,000 show up against expected 500 at Kejriwal’s first janta durbar

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Six dud firms to transfer money to Virbhadra, family

January 10, 2012, Chandrashekhar received Rs 49.99 lakh from Maple Destinations.

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After telling Delhi to sting, AAP wants Lokpal to snoop

Bill, would be discussed with the “people of Delhi” at Ramlila Maidan for consent.

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Political business

Merchandising is making Indian politics the new Disneyland.

Bitter brew

Conflict in Karbi Anglong is fuelled by a history of deprivation, continuing state abdication.

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Plots and gameplans

Elections are here and so are the conspiracy theories.

Deal debris

Cancellation of AgustaWestland VVIP chopper deal has got the Organiser to portray the deal as another example of the UPA’s alleged corruption.

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Gold loan
Now get up to 75% of gold value as loan

RBI had slapped 60 pc LTV cap last year in wake of the explosive growth in the gold loan business.


It’s a Wrap

Nature is a past master at the art of perfect packaging

Sunday Stories

Rutlemania is back, and it’s unreal

A Beatles parody band, created as both tribute and goof, that was almost too good.

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the public domain

The century-plus-old literary character, already featuring in popular shows and films, is now freed of US copyright law. All about him before 1923 can now be used without a licence.

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Tomorrow, when apricots come

Quite a few unfortunates have been bitten by the pernicious Jerusalem bug....


Valcke’s WC 2022 timing comments open cracks in FIFA

The Red Devils can still reach the League Cup final at Wembley if they overturn the deficit at Old Trafford on January 22.

Letters to Editor

Seeing eye to eye

The AAP was able to form government in Delhi thanks to its anti-corruption election plank.

Parochial policy

This serves to strengthen the spirit of tolerance and diversity.

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Daily routines may influence sleep quality, quantity

Maintaining a consistent daily routine may be linked to better sleep, according to a study.

From The Fields

The kiwi as a source of wine

Its vineyards thriving with high-quality fruit, Arunachal Pradesh ties up with Pune company for India’s first homemade kiwi wine

Punjab researchers wrote the banana off, this farmer didn’t

Sources in the PAU fruit sciences department claim banana research had been halted midway because of lack of funds, staff and interest.

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Delhi Confidential

Delhi Confidential
Held up

VVIP security has been irking not just the common man, but also other VIPs.

Delhi Confidential: Taking centrestage

Even after throwing the floor open to questions, which he insisted should be given in writing, Jindal rarely let the other dignitaries speak.

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Movie Reviews

No Surprises

Mitty (Stiller) is a ‘negative assets manager’ at Life magazine, which is about to bring out its last issue in print.

They Don’t Make ‘em Like This Anymore

Sholay, re-released in a 3D version, needs to be your go-to movie this weekend, no ifs, no buts.

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The outsider card

In France, a limp economy contributes to an upswing in racism.

Degrees of irresponsibility

On national security, Congress pusillanimity, BJP opportunism and AAP anarchism.

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Reviews : Books

Heads in the Pictures

Hop aboard with the unseeing Indian traveller.

Purrs of Wisdom

The folly of man, seen through the eyes of cats who are people like us.

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Reviews : DVD

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Monster

Victor Frankenstein stands in his an attic-laboratory, hugging the corpse covered in white cloth.

The Guy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up

Duplass brothers’ Jeff, Who Lives at Home, is a slice-of-life film, in which a lot happens even when nothing much does

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Reviews : MUSIC

Of Peculiarities and Dark Romance 

There’s nothing like too much for Belle and Sebastian, and the 19-track album pretty much reinstates that.

Uneven flow

Lightning Bolt, their 10th offering, opens with Getaway, a spunky starter cast in a tight and safe verse-chorus-verse format.

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Industry Speaks

Residential capital value will increase in a subdued range of 10-12% year-on-year, pan-India in 2014.


Jain idol
Idol-stealer had sleepless nights for fear of being caught

He could not sleep for three nights in a row and ran into police whenever he went out.

Writings on the Wall

Me captain, you team: Very vain, very effective

That's Imran Khan. Out to slay the 'circus ke sher' (of Nawaz Sharif), solve Pakistan's problems: thrash the thieves, get a driving licence, shoot down the drones, spook the West into giving you a visa. All you need is his bat, the magic wand that's,...

Shekhar Gupta
For democracy and bijli, uninterrupted supply

18-hour power cuts have switched off most voters from India or Kashmir. Benazir gone, Zardari is a pale shadow, their angry son exiled to TV land. Nawaz Sharif senses power but beyond his tired tigers and a stuffed menagerie, he also has a headache c...

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National Interest

New envoy to US seeks withdrawal of charges

Leading lawyer Ravi Batra said Khobragade can sue the US for arresting her in violation of Vienna Convention.

Shekhar Gupta others

Shekhar Gupta
First Person Second Draft: Diplomatic, undiplomatic... My very Indian Foreign Service

RAW farewell in DC, bailed out in Bucharest, a sulking star: My very Indian Foreign Service.

'A large number of Indians in UK are Gujarati. For them it was a huge issue we had no ties with Gujarat. I’m glad we're dealing with it now'

One of Britain’s youngest peers, Lord Karan Bilimoria speaks to The Indian Express Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta about how he created Cobra beer brand, why he loves public life and the reason he continues to stay close to India. Excerpts from NDTV 24...

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First Person Second Draft

Shekhar Gupta
First Person Second Draft: Diplomatic, undiplomatic... My very Indian Foreign Service

RAW farewell in DC, bailed out in Bucharest, a sulking star: My very Indian Foreign Service.