Sunil Jain on Gujarat polls

Posted on Thu , 20 Dec '12

Narendra Modi has got majority for the third time. This certainly makes Modi BJP's PM candidate even though Nitish Kumar too is in the queue. Question here is: If Modi becomes next PM, will he be able to bring progress to the country in terms of investment. I want to make a point here, if you notice the time after the Godhra massacre in 2002 and the events which took place after that; many industrialists questioned the Chief Minister's credibility as he was not able to control the situation. The most prominent among them was Ratan Tata, but after Singur episode Tata claimed that he has got no hesitation in setting up plant in Gujarat. Corporates need land and revenues. Modi's biggest achievement is not the things we all talk about, but it is agricultural growth over the last decade. This tells two things about Modi: One is the change rather, the improvement he brought in the availability of the water for irrigation. Here, I should mention Gujarat is the largest producer of cotton in the world. Narendra Modi is a successful CM, which doesn't really certify that he can be a good Prime Minister.

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